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Clinton Surges Ahead in New Hampshire Poll

clintonNH2.jpgIn what appears to be a move helped in part by her strong showing in Sunday's debate Hillary Clinton has taken a commanding lead in the New Hampshire polls, as demonstrated by the Pierce/WBZ poll results released today (pdf). The poll was taken yesterday, one day after the debate.

Here are the tallies for the June 4, 2007 poll, with the March 13, 2007 results for comparison purposes.

  1. Clinton 38% (was 32%)
  2. Obama 16% (was 25%)
  3. Edwards 13% (was 16%)
  4. Gore 8% (was 10%)
  5. Richardson 8% (was 3%)
  6. Kucinich 2% (was 2%)
  7. Biden 4% (was 1%)
  8. Clark 1% (was 1%)
  9. Dodd 1% (was less than 0.5%)
  10. Undecided 10% (was 9%)

The poll was based on phone interviews with 424 "likely Democratic Presidential Primary voters." The maximum margin of sampling error is 4.8%.

New Hampshire could clinch the nomination for Clinton. Chris Powers at MyDD has more:

Considering the situation in Iowa and among true leaners who are basically undecided, New Hampshire remains the strategic lynchpin in Hillary Clinton's advantage for the Democratic nomination. While some cracks are showing in her advantage nationwide (particularly in Iowa, South Carolina and in terms of fundraising), as long as she holds a comfortable advantage in New Hampshire, she keeps the inside track on the nomination.

Chris' "nomination at a glance" chart is linked here.

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Comments (7)

Lee Ward:

She was not my first Democrat of choice, but compared to anyone on the right that we've seen so far, she's head and shoulders above the rest of the options.

Obama has previously indicated that he's not interested in the Veep position. I hope he reconsiders as it would give him the experience he needs for 2012 or 2106 - his biggest drawback today imho is that lack of experience which he would gain the Veep role.

The other viable VEEP option is Gore. I personally just cannot see a Clinton/Edwards ticket.

civil behavior:

If it's Hillary I won't vote.

Steve Crickmore:

Larkin, please I hope you are kidding.. (Like civil behavior I'm sure) I don't trust Hillary any more than I would Bush(and that is saying alot)..Even though she is very smart and her policies are liberal, I sometimes wish they weren't, because of her personality and notorious temper.

Paul Hamilton:

If she's the nominee it will destroy everything the Dems have gained in the mountain west and the midwest since '04.

Hillary cannot win.

Every member of the Democratic National Committee needs to write that on a chalkboard a hundred times a day so they'll get the message.

John in CA:

get on board and get behind Hillary

...and boy howdy! There's pleeeeeenty to get behind.

John in CA:

How can a democratic not win with this platform:

*Raise taxes on the rich
*"Free" health care
*More "free" stuff
*Bankrupt Evil Big Oil
*Bankrupt Evil Big Pharma
*ummm, oh yeah, bankrupt Evil Big Box Store (aka Walmart)
*Some more "free" stuff

Those "platform" items didn't win it for a Democrat in 2000 or 2004, so what's changed, John?


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