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Drudge Mixes Up Old and New Hillary Pix

TPM Cafe story:

Okay, this is a little thing, but it's pretty fun. Really, the wingers just never stop providing us with amusing material -- and we're going to spend just a little time on this one, because we can't help ourselves.

Matt Drudge is pushing a story today in the Boston Herald that tries to suggest that Hillary Clinton has had some "work" done on her face. The paper's story has "before and after" photos on line that purport to demonstrate this, with the "before" photo showing the skin on Hillary's face to be somewhat less than smooth, and the "after" photo showing her to be smooth-faced.

There's a small problem, though. It turns out that the "before" photo was actually taken after the after one, meaning that her smooth-faced look preceeded her less-smooth-faced look.

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Comments (2)

Concerned Student:

Are you going to update your post now that your linked post has updated to say that the Herald got it wrong, not Drudge? And what the hell is the problem? Drudge reports on a news story that reported incorrectly that Hillary had work done, but you all get up in arms and expect Drudge to set the record straight with the public by apologizing for pointing out the opinion of the Herald? As far as I can tell the blame goes to the Herald reporter/web guy that got the pictures wrong, and not Drudge and the onus to excuse themselves for the misatke is as well on them/the editors of the Herald.

Drudge could, if he wanted to, now point out he got duped by an over-zealous media wanting to make a story out of nothing, but what the hell is the point of that? That is SOP for today's media, no matter what slant you think they have.

Paul Hamilton:

No, because as usual, Drudge ran with a story without checking it out, so that's his fault just as much as it is the Herald's. And of course since the pics are only one day apart, it puts the entire thing to shame, but since when has that ever stopped a RWer from spreading slander about Hillary.


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