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Fox News and "Ooga Booga Fever"

Crooks and Liars story:

On the May 31 edition of Fox News' The Big Story, host John Gibson said he was "mesmerized" by what he called "[t]he TB Man story" -- the recent news that American attorney Andrew Speaker traveled by airline while infected with antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis. Gibson stated: "It seems every time a story pops up about somebody who has suddenly contracted some strange or incurable disease, it's somebody who is either from the third world, or was traveling through some godforsaken hellhole, and somehow managed to contract ooga booga fever."

What's even scarier than this insipid remark by Gibson is the fact that Fox News is still the most popular cable news channel.

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What's even scarier is all of the leftists who never saw "The Nightmare Before Christmas," and don't know who the Oogy Boogy Man is.

Lee Ward:

That's nice, cirby - but what the Fox newsman said was ooga booga. Quit changing the subject - someone might confuse you with a racist apologist.


Lee, I know you're naive, and have little knowledge of anything except Democratic Underground talking points, but "oogie boogie' and "ooga booga" have been standard "scary noises for kids" sounds since before I was born.

It's also a kid's video game, and has a lot of other connotations.

It's not my fault that you (and apparently, a lot of the leftists in the world) have such narrow lives - and are such suppressed bigots - that you overreact to anything you can possibly misconstrue.

Paul Hamilton:

Whether it's racist or not, would you agree that it was a monumentally stupid thing to say?

Context is your friend, D-Hoggs. Me saying you spooked my dog is nothing. Me saying my dog thinks you're a spook has a quite a different meaning.

and do you honestly think Gibson was referring to the video game? I don't.

Paul Hamilton:

I don't do "outrage" Hoggs. I leave that to the younger folks. And I never said anything that implied I was outraged. To me, it's just an incredibly stupid thing to say. Around here there's a figure of speech for some generalized case of the cruds -- "hip potty winky." Nobody knows exactly what it means and because of that, I'd really have my doubts about any media personality who talked about the menace of hip potty winky when the subject was SUPPOSED to be tuberculosis.

Paul Hamilton:

I didn't say a word about jungles, did I? And for the third time, I think it's stupid, not racist or anything else, just stupid. And yeah, you're right that I really, really don't like Fox. Just as the folks on your side target the Communist News Network, or PMSNBC -- you guys' terms, not mine -- I love to find examples of Fox's incompetence. As for hip potty winky, you'll have to take that up with several generations of Hoosiers.


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