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National Review Calls for Bush to Pardon Libby

National Review commentary:

We said it in March, when I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby became the only person convicted of any crime in the CIA-leak investigation, and we'll say it again now that he has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison: President Bush should pardon Libby, and do it now.

There has always been solid justification for a pardon. Although he tried mightily, prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald never found enough evidence to charge Libby or anyone else with violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act or the Espionage Act in the CIA-leak affair. From the beginning of his investigation, Fitzgerald knew who revealed CIA employee Valerie Plame's identity to columnist Robert Novak, and it wasn't Libby. (That honor goes to former deputy secretary of State Richard Armitage.)

The only thing that could make this worse for Bush would be a pardon, so I hope he does it.

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John in CA:

The only thing that could make the Libby conviction worse for Bush is if he DOESN'T pardon him.

Along with Libby's pardon should come pardons for Campean and Ramos.


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