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Surge Losing Steam in Baghdad

The surge is apparently running out of gas already:

The New York Times said an American assessment of the security plan through late May found that American and Iraqi forces were able to "protect the population'' and "maintain physical influence over'' only 146 of the 457 Baghdad neighborhoods.

Troops have either not begun operations aimed at rooting out insurgents or still face "resistance'' in the remaining 311 neighborhoods, according to the report, which cited a one-page assessment along with summaries from brigade and battalion commanders in Baghdad.

Am I the only one who finds it astonishing that more than 4 years into this war we are still encountering resistance in Baghdad and that we have been unable to completely secure that city?

One of the biggest problems is the incompetent Iraqi army and police who clearly aren't up to the job:

U.S. military leaders in charge of the Baghdad drive, now nearing the end of its fourth month, have repeatedly complained that both the Iraqi army and police units that were sent to Baghdad for the operation are often at only 60 percent full strength, if that.

60%? Don't the Iraqis realize there is a war going on in their country? No doubt the time-off policy for the Iraqi army is making the situation much more difficult for our troops. Iraqi soldiers get one week off a month, and often don't return when they are supposed to.

But don't worry folks, the members of the Iraqi Parliament having failed to pass an oil-revenue sharing agreement and having failed to amend the Constitution as promised to the Sunnis will soon be embarking on a fun-filled two month vacation in places like Dubai, the Greek Isles, and the Swiss Alps. I'm sure that will help to bring the civil war to a swift conclusion.

If the Iraqis aren't willing to fight and put their summer vacations ahead of their responsibilities for their own country, this will never work. It's time to start bringing our troops home and give the Iraqis a dose of hard reality.

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