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Who Won the New Hampshire Republican Debate?

If you watched tonight's Republican debate and have an opinion please vote for who you think won the debate, below.

This ballot is the same ballot that appears at Wizbang, so if you've already voted there you won't be able to vote again here.

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Comments (3)

Paul Hamilton:

I liked Rudy's reaction to the lightning strike. And I'm sure some religious goofballs will say that it was no coincidence that he was talking about abortion when it happened.

John in CA:

McCain's invoking of the names on The Wall is non-responsive. The names on The Wall were NOT illegals, and in all likelihood spoke English. Those were the issues being discussed.

As to Canada - first, who really cares about Canada? Second, Quebec has had a separatist movement for quite some time. It is not likely to happen, but it gets big attention from time to time. In fact, I think at least once it was put to a vote, but was defeated.

One thing that struck me was Giuliani ignoring the calls from Blitzer that his time was up, He just kept going.

Does the guy have a hearing problem? (serious question), or is he just an arrogant asshole who thinks the rules don't apply to him? (semi-serious question).

It was interesting to see the candidates begin to chip away at Bush. Trancredo's remark that he wouldn't let Bush darken the White House door was historic.

McCain is so yesterday. It appears to me that every time he finishes an answer he looks around the room for approval like a little puppy. Doesn't he know he hasn't a prayer of winning? Somebody tell him and save from further embarrassment.

I watched most of the debate on the CNN Pipeline's Feed 2, which featured an interactive response chart that gauged the reaction of a group of Republican and Independent voters live, as the debate unfolded. As they listened to the debate, this target group indicated approval or disapproval, and the rising and falling chart line was displayed on top of the video as the debate progresses. It offered no real surprises; the hot button issues are pretty well-defined at this point.


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