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Bush Bashed by Republicans

Being sycophant slaves to the rapidly failing conservative political viewpoint in America must be tiring work. Sometimes... they slip and stumble -- and accidentally let out their true opinion. Raw Story has.. the raw story:

On Monday, Fox News covered Vladimir Putin's threat that if the US government goes ahead with setting up a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, Russia will target its own missiles at European targets.

bruce_fox.jpgThe discussion led to an unlikely reversal of political positions, with conservative Fox political analyst Tammy Bruce describing the situation as "another glaring example of the growing incompetency of the Bush administration and his foreign policy," while Democratic strategist Bob Beckel concluded that "I support Bush on this ... and it's a strange day when I do that."

Bruce began by defending Putin and asked how we in the US would feel if Russian missiles were sited in Cuba or Honduras. She pointed out that the US missiles in the Czech Republic and Poland are supposedly intended to guard against the threat of potential Iranian long-range missiles, even though those missiles don't yet exist and we've said we're not going to allow Iran to develop them.

She then blew up about immigration and Iraq as well, saying, "I'm waiting to find the space aliens that kidnapped the president that I grew to admire after September 11 and left this tool behind. ... I'm furious."

Whoa there, Bruce. You're not going to be invited to Roger Ailes next birthday bash if you keep dissin' the great decider like that!

Or will she? There are signs popping up everywhere that indicate Republicans have finally smelled the political disaster that lies ahead in the 2008 election, and are scrambling for the opportunity to distance themselves from the Bush legacy of failure.

Congressman Tom Trancredo's declaration in last night's New Hampshire Republican debate that if he is elected president he wouldn't let G.W. Bush "darken the doorstep of the White House" - a prime example.

Not to be outdone, McCain criticized the administration for its handling of the Iraq War, while Romney said, "I think we were underprepared and underplanned for what came after we knocked down Saddam Hussein."

The icing on the icing on last night's "Let's Bake Bush" cake came from Governor Tommy Thompson, whose remark stunned and silenced the Republican cheerleading section in the audience last night.

"I would certainly not send him to the United Nations"

Thompson smiled slightly, and glanced around expecting a response - nothing but silence....

Although it's now clear that those Republicans who are on top of politics know quite well that Bush has failed, and no doubt they've known for some time now, the voting populace -- at least the hard-core base in the debate audience last night -- are still not thrilled with these revelations.

I'm not dismayed. Seeing Republicans attempt to distance themselves from Bush promises to provide tons of laughs as the race for the White House unfolds in the months ahead.

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I didn't know until this debate that Bush was "governing as a liberal"!?

I guess there will be a groundswell of support for ol' W from the liberals all around the country----GWB is one of us!



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