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Cheney is Arrogance Personified

[Update: Be sure to see Wizbang Blue editor Steve Crickmore's contribution in the comment thread at the end of this post for another of Cheney's statements regarding his selection as VP, and for a link to more on VP Cheney and his arrogance.]

Original post below.

I get along with just about everybody, and count among my friends people from all walks of life, all ethnic and social groups; all "types" of people... except one. US News columnist Bonnie Erbe, whose bio says "Bonnie Erbe has covered Washington politics since God was a baby" touches on that one group of people who I just can't get along with - the arrogant assholes -- like Dick Cheney.

Arrogance, secrecy, imperiousness. These are the hallmarks of Dick Cheney's two-term tenure as vice president. Should we be surprised? Not at all, given how he secured the post in the first place. Remember? When asked by the Bush campaign in 2000 to "evaluate" possible running mates, he ended up choosing himself. I recall doing a double-take upon learning of that deft self-selection. Is that kosher? No matter, it was done. But this peccadillo-level self-dealing pales in comparison with the succession of self-enriching stunts Cheney has managed in the intervening seven years.

Only the most recent is last week's report by the Associated Press that White House lawyers have directed the Secret Service during the past year to "maintain the confidentiality of visitor logs, declaring them to be presidential records. The drive to keep secret the lists of visitors to the White House complex and Cheney's home, the administration says, is essential to ensuring the president and vice president receive candid advice to carry out their duties. The decision made the logs exempt from a law requiring their disclosure to whoever asks to see them."

Right. When now-imprisoned former "lobbyist" Jack Abramoff visits the White House, Bush and Cheney need criminal, er, "candid" advice. More specifically, Cheney was trying to hide the liturgical parade of conservative Christian leaders filing in and out of his official D.C. residence--that according to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which sued to make their names public.

But if we, the taxpayers, are subsidizing his elegant digs, don't we have a right to know who visits him there? Vice Prince Cheney thinks not.

VIce-Prince? That's rich. The arrogance of the Republicans in power continues to be their achilles heel. Give them enough rope, and an arrogant conservative will invariably take all they can get, hand over fist, all the while squealing like a stuck pig about entitlements and welfare for the poor.

And if you dare point out their hypocrisy they'll respond by questioning your patriotism, or claim you intend to steal their money through taxation, or if it's a slow day -- they'll just question your sexual preferences.

We need to continue to pull back the curtain in Washington, and find out just who is behind the Republicans, pulling their strings. Huzzah for the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Jack Cafferty has more on the Cheney secrecy in this 1:36 clip. Click on the "play" button in the lower left-hand corner to play the video.

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Comments (2)

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, on Monday, Cheney lamely said: running for my current job as Vice President in 2000 was a notion that came out of the blue, and, obviously, it was somebody else's idea. I was not a volunteer.

Cheney gives the impression of being a humble public servant but in reality, Cheney is a great self-aggrandizer, of wealth and power. I tucked this blog away for such a story..It seems as good as time as any, to offer it All Roads Lead to Cheney

Lee Ward:

Priceless. absolutely priceless - I'll put an update in the post pointing to this. Thanks you Steve - you are on top of it as usual!


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