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Fred Now Runs 2nd in Republican Polling

Political Wire story:

An internal poll conducted for former Sen. Fred Thompson's prospective presidential campaign, finds that Thompson is now running second nationally among likely Republican voters.

Rudy Giuliani leads with 24%, followed by Thompson at 18%, John McCain at 17% and Mitt Romney at 7%.

Key finding: "Among moderate Republicans, Thompson's support has increased by 14 points (4% to 18%), while Giuliani's support has decreased significantly (37% to 29%). McCain (19% to 16%) and Romney (8% to 3%) have also lost support among moderate Republicans."

Very interesting numbers here. Fred is the darling of the extreme right because they see him as Reagan redux. But it seems that the biggest jump in his numbers are from the moderates. So does this mean that Fred has universal appeal? I don't think so. I believe what it really means is that nobody knows what he stands for and that all people have seen so far is a carefully-choreographed series of political fluff pieces from him designed more to make him LOOK presidential than to actually deal with any of the thorny issues that define the job. As others have said, the moment he has to actually say something meaningful, his numbers should drop immediately.

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