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More Military Family Values

CBS News story:

A New Hampshire National Guard member charged with desertion while trying to get custody of her daughter planned to turn herself in Tuesday at Fort Dix, her lawyer said.

Spc. Lisa Hayes, 32, of Rindge, left at 2 a.m. to drive to Fort Dix with her 7-year-old daughter, Brystal, said lawyer Linda Theroux, who represented Hayes in the custody case.

Hayes, who went on emergency leave from the Army in February after learning of possible domestic violence in her ex-husband's home, faces up to two years in military prison for staying in New Hampshire after her leave expired.

Although several military lawyers tried to help Hayes negotiate a deal for surrendering, the Army gave her no assurances she wouldn't be jailed immediately upon her arrival at Fort Dix in New Jersey, said Theroux. The Army was aware she would be bringing her daughter because Hayes did not have any family me

Once you join Bush's military, you are no longer a human beling whose needs are considered for any reason. You will serve as long as they want and you will not leave for any reason.

Wonder why they've had to lower their standards, refuse to let anyone out and have tens of thousands of mercenaries getting paid obscene amounts of money to conduct this war?

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Comments (5)


Looks more like "she had a lot of time to work something out, but screwed around and didn't actually start seriously working on it until after she got the letter saying she was up on charges."

It's a pretty weak article, especially the part where it mentions that she had custody, but then quotes her as saying she didn't have custody (with no explanation), and then mentions that she drove to Fort Dix WITH her daughter.

She went on leave in late February, ran out of that leave on March 25, and had TWO EXTRA MONTHS to figure out some sort of family situation for her daughter - and in cases like this, there's always someone on base, in the soldier's unit, who can take the child in. Sheesh - I know people who found guardians for their kids in less than a week, and she can't do it in ten?

What really happened? She screwed around for over three months, and now she's using the "poor me" defense.

John in CA:

There is NO difference in the handling of this case in Bush's military than there has been in any other president's military.

To suggest otherwise just shows that you don't know what you are talking about, or you are just picking a convenient club to bash Bush. No surprise there.

Your convenient use of this story for that purpose is just like the cases at the beginning of the OIF when the military started calling up Guard and reservists who suddenly had conflicts with single parenthood. Of course, the media conveniently forgot to mention that the military members in question had conveniently forgotten THEIR obligation to maintain their personal affairs in a manner that would be conducive for call up to service.


...and after a little Web search, the original article (from the Concord Monitor), with some important stuff left out of the CBS story:

The National Guard helped Hayes file paperwork for the discharge and offered assistance from the family support program for deployed soldiers, said Lt. Col. Francine Swan, a lawyer with the Guard. Hayes's commander, Capt. Tony Gagnon, extended her leave three times to prevent her from entering AWOL status. He told her in a March 5 correspondence that she needed to better inform her superiors in Iraq about what was going on.

First Sgt. Michael Daigle, a spokesman for the state National Guard, said custody disputes during a deployment are not unusual, and the Guard tries to help whenever possible. He said Hayes has forgone assistance and ignored counsel, leading the Army to take action.

"It's not fair to every other soldier if we give her special treatment," he said. "There are so many soldiers at war that are single parents who came up with a responsible family care plan to take care of their children."

Gee, they really screwed her over by offering assistance and free counsel like that...

Oh - and she went into deserter status BEFORE she applied for a hardship discharge, which is why she's in such deep shit over this. Also funny how the CBS article didn't bring that up...

Paul Hamilton:

Thanks for the research, Cirby. I agree this puts a very different light on the situation.



The sad part is that it means a small paper from Concord, New hampshire did a much better job of reporting than a national news organization - and CBS had the benefit of using the local paper as a primary source.

Which means that CBS either screwed up massively by accident, or they lied massively to make the Army look bad.

Which puts a really bad light on "CBS Family Values."


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