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RFK Assassinated 39 Years Ago Today

Crooks and Liars item:

Thirty-nine years ago today, we lost Robert Kennedy. Jim Booth at Scholars and Rogues writes about what Bobby meant to him.

I was a 16 year old at the time and was watching on live t.v. I think his death marked not only the end of my political innocence, but also the end of the era when someone could win just because he was the best man and not because he had deep pockets and deep connections. If Bobby had been elected, EVERYTHING would have been different.

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Bobby's death changed my life forever. I became a bit of a fatalist, but determined to "do the right thing" regardless of consequences.

He was a unique person in public life----a tough guy who developed deep compassion through personal tragedy and exposure to ordinary people and their troubles. Today's politicians couldn't really get to know real people firsthand, even if they wanted to...because of the crazy, dangerous possibility of an assassin.

Most don't want to know anyway; all they want is to "win."

Paul Hamilton:

Yep. Bobby Kennedy visited REAL people in the Appalachians, not big contributors or carefully-screened enthusiastic supporters for a phoney PR stunt. I know the world is a different place now, but that's our loss, and probably the biggest reason why elected officials often seem so distant from the people they are supposed to represent.


As great as people remember Bobby Kennedy being, his political success was still because of his families money and connections. Same reason the rest of the Kennedy's have been "successful."

Remember who he was assasinated by?

Paul Hamilton:

I think Bobby earned his cred much more than either Jack or Ted did. As attorney general, he went head to head with organized crime and crooked unions and backed them both down. They sure didn't do that because of his family's wealth or influence. And he seemed more willing to actually get out and rub elbows with ordinary people than either of his brothers did. I think he would have been a truly great president, right up there with or possibly better than, FDR.


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