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Honoring True Genius

One of a series of Bud Light commercials honoring Real Men of Genius, this one is my personal favorite. (0:58)

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Comments (2)

John in CA:

Well, the first thing I can be in complete agreement with you. I love that series of commercials.

I don't watch TV,but I hear those commercials on sports talk radio and I love them. They are great, and the taco salad one is one of my favorites.

"Of course it's healthy, it's a salad." Slays me.

I also like the one about the metal detector guy. "We'd give you a medal, but you probably already have one."

The tagline on my emails is: "Eat what you want and die like a real man."

"What do you want with that steak?" Me: "A knife and a fork."

""Of course it's healthy, it's a salad." Slays me."

I cracked up at the same line.


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