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Putin Pushes Bush Towards Diplomacy

This is precisely why there should have been diplomacy and detente practiced as a matter of course, proactively.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, bitterly opposed to a U.S. missile shield in Europe, told President Bush on Thursday that Moscow would drop its objections if the radar-based system were installed in Azerbaijan.

Putin told Bush he would not seek to retarget Russian missiles on Europe if the United States agreed to put the system in the central Asian nation of Azerbaijan, a former Soviet republic.

National Security Adviser Steve Hadley called it an "interesting proposal."

"Let's let our experts have a look at it," Hadley said.

Bush has proposed putting the radar and rockets in the Czech Republic and Poland.

"This will create grounds for common work," Putin told Bush as they met on the sidelines of a summit of the world's eight major industrialized democracies being held at this seaside resort.

Even if we subsequently find that this proposal doesn't work for us for some reason it is representative of the correct process of proposal and counter-proposal, one that we followed prior to the Republican takeover of the White House, that we should be following now.

Diplomacy is slowing making a return to American politics, thanks in large part to the Democrats being handed that ability in the 2006 election, but the gross inadequacy of the Republican unilateralist approach to world politics simply can not and should not be tolerated any longer.

Where are the conservatives in this country who are brave enough to put their politics aside and to talk back to Bush, and let him know that he needs to change his unilateral ways now -- and not just ride out the remainder of his term. Where are they?!?!?

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You may recall, and it is mentioned in the article you quoted, that Russia was threatening to aim is nuclear missles at Europe. You're right, it is diplomacy.

It's the same sort of dimplomacy we've been conducting with Iran with our highly visible fleets and exercises. We're not a stranger to this sort of bargaining.

Putin saying he won't threaten Europe with nuclear holocaust if just agree to move our defense system somewhere else doesn't strike me as anything particularly noteworthy.
Putin and Bush have been talking back and forth to one another since this started. If Bush had been unilateral and heavy-handed as you seem to think, no dialogue would have taken place at all.

This is all besides the point that you seem more than eager to hold Putin up as handling the situation well, but only because he's opposed to Bush, not because he's actually handling it universally well.

Where are the conservatives in this country who are brave enough to put their politics aside and to talk back to Bush..

You must be missing the rising conservative anger towards Bush on the immigration issue.

Steve Crickmore:

Wednesday Bush starteds off his G8 opening Summit speech:

"Let me start off by talking about my speech yesterday. The purpose of the speech is to remind our allies and those who are wondering as to whether or not the United States is firmly committed to democracy that we are. I strongly believe..there's a moral imperative to promote freedom."
And today we get this "U.S. President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin didn't discuss the state of Russia's democracy 'It did not come up" Security Adviser Stephen Hadley told reporters." So I guess that's okay.


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