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Romney Puts on a Blue Blazer

Mitt "Flip-flop" Romney has rejected Bush's vision of a long-term "Korea-like" presence in Iraq.

"Our objective would not be a Korea-type setting with 25-50,000 troops on a near permanent basis remaining in bases in Iraq," the former Massachusetts governor told the Associated Press.

"I think we would hope to turn Iraq security over to their own military and their own security forces, and if presence in the region is important for us than we have other options that are nearby," Romney said.

In a wide-ranging, hourlong interview with AP reporters and editors, Romney said the Bush administration would be wise to publicly disclose some goals for success in Iraq to restore public confidence. Benchmarks that would tip off adversaries, however, should remain private.

"This is a time when it would be helpful for the American people and the people of Iraq to see that we are actually making progress if that's what's happening," Romney said.

Helpful measurements could include power-sharing with the Sunnis, division of oil revenues, the status of certain militias, as well as the numbers and training levels of Iraqi military and security forces, he said.

"If you don't publish any kind of milestone or benchmark," Romney said, you leave people thinking "you're only telling us the things that you wanted to tell us."

Romney is trying more and more to sound like Democrat, hoping his move to the center will pick up the Independents who are disgusted with the failed administration's bungling of Iraq and international affairs, as we noted earlier today.

Mitt Romney took another swipe at President Bush Wednesday while attempting to distance himself himself from the Bush legacy, a practice that seems quite popular lately.

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore:

It still took him about a week to beg off this idiotic idea...'Bring him on' for 50+ years Korea style, has about the same attraction as Hitler boasting of a 1000 year Third Reich,in the middle of the Second War. Hey, but don't tell that to Bush in his bunker..The great majority of Iraqis (and Americans) want us out period, pronto.

Lee Ward:

What Romney is demonstrating in these "look at me I'm not Bush" moves of his is that he isn't anything more than a political weathervane, swinging in the wind, pointing in whatever direction leads him in opposition to Bush's dismal approval ratings. Romney lacks the integrity to be president. If he's a toady to public opinion today, my question is... who will he sell out to if he achieves high office tomorrow?

I was impressed by Romney a couple of weeks ago when he seemed to be willing to stand his ground on unpopular opinions. What we're seeing now is political slime in action.

Here's Romney in January, 2007.

Mitt Romney endorsed President Bush's plan yesterday for a troop increase in Iraq, breaking his public silence on a troop "surge" by contending that a stable Iraq is only possible if US forces can provide security to Iraqi civilians.

Hours before Bush spoke last night, Romney released a statement calling for five additional combat brigades in Baghdad and two Marine regiments in Anbar Province -- precisely the plan for as many as 21,500 new troops outlined by the Bush administration before the president's speech.

"It is impossible to defeat the insurgency without first providing security for the Iraqi people," Romney said in the statement released yesterday morning. "In consultation with generals, military experts, and troops who have served on the ground in Iraq, I believe securing Iraqi civilians requires additional troops."

The former Massachusetts governor's comments mark his most extensive statement on Iraq in months, and his first analysis of the issue since forming his presidential exploratory committee last week.

His position aligns him not only with Bush but also with Senator John McCain of Arizona, potentially one of Romney's leading rivals for the Republican presidential nomination.

In January supporting a troop surge would bring support for Romney among conservatives, so he trumped Bush by a few hours and stole Bush's plan and announced it as his own.

Then the wind changes, and so does Romney. He's not one to "lead" the nation, he's "following" the nations opinion polls instead....

Romney has demonstrated a total and complete lack of integrity in the last few weeks, and he's now just attempting to capitalize on his recent upswing in the opinion polls.

He's snake oil-selling slimeball.

I didn't, but Romney oozes Republican establishment, so I'm not surprised.


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