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American Politics at Its Finest

WKRG News story:

(video at link)

Harsh words gave way to a punch being thrown in the Alabama Senate this morning. Session-long tensions boiled as Republican Senator Charles Bishop of Jasper punched Democratic Senator Lowell Barron of Fyffe in the head before the two were pulled apart. Bishop said he punched Barron after the senator called him a --quote-- "son of a bitch."

Barron initially refused to comment and went into a closed-doormeeting with other Democrats. Senator Vivian Figures, a Mobile Democrat, was seen going into the Democratic meeting carrying first aid supplies, but she said Barron was not hurt.

Yeah, this is sort of funny, but it's very sad, too. Just a couple generations ago, politicians of both parties recognized that compromise is sometimes the only way to get anything accomplished. Now there's namecalling on one side and punches on the other and the biggest loser are the people.

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