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Gonzales "No Confidence" Vote Set for Monday

The Capitol Hill Newspaper "Roll Call" is reporting that the "No Confidence" vote on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is set for Monday (UPI).

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., Friday announced a date has been set for a no-confidence vote in the Senate on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Schumer said the vote would be held Monday, The Hill reported Friday.

"If all senators who have actually lost confidence in Attorney General Gonzales voted their conscience, this vote would be unanimous," said Schumer.

However, The Hill reported, Schumer said he expects President George W. Bush to pressure Republican senators to vote against the measure.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto called the no-confidence vote "a discredit to the Senate."

"If Sen. Schumer had a conscience he would end his political vaudeville act and let the Senate get back to work on important legislation," said Fratto in a message to The Hill.

Gonzales has been under fire on Capitol Hill because of the dismissal of at nine U.S. attorneys. Several Republicans have joined a large number of Democrats in calling on Gonzales to resign.

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Comments (6)

Paul Hamilton:

This is pointless. It will go along party lines and nothing will happen as a result. Impeach or nothing.

Lee Ward:

With the number of defections we're seeing these days, in the form of Republicans disowning or distancing themselves from Bush, it'll be interesting to see where this vote falls.

Even if the vote fails, the number (and names) of Republicans who are still willing to close ranks and back up Bush is good to know.


"The Capitol Hill Newspaper "Roll Call" is reporting that the "No Confidence" vote on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is set for Monday (UPI)."

"Roll Call" is never mentioned, quoted, or cited in the link you provided.

Hi FMK - I apologize, and thanks for the opportunity to explain.

I try to always cross-check and get two sources whenever possible, and that's what I did on this story as well.

Roll Call broke the story, and that's where I first read the report, but I didn't want to link to the Roll Call story because readers can't click through to it since it is a subscriber-only site. All you'll get is this, a headline and a login request.

So I linked to my second, confirming source which was this UPI report, and I chose to link to and quote the UPI story and not just talk about the report -- because I always want to provide readers with a way to fact-check my report on their own.

My mistake was that I left the fact that Roll Call broke the story in my introduction, and didn't explain that I was linking to a second, different report from the United Press International Organization.

By the way, the quoted text from UPI mentions their source was "The Hill", a weekly that covers Congress. If I had more time I might have chased down the Hill's report, but I was literally half-way out the door when I caught the breaking news report from Roll Call, and since I already had two solid sources on the report, Roll Call and UPI, I didn't see the need for any further verification.

On a good day, with the wind at my back, I would have taken the time to look at the third source, but it was Friday night and I had ribs to barbecue. and I trusted my sources -- UPI and Roll call -- so I threw my post together and headed out the door.

Mea culpa. I should have explained the discrepancy. Good catch FMK, and I appreciate your challenge. Feel free to stick around and keep me honest, expect the same in return, as a bonus, here's the UPI source report from The Hill.

FYI - I used mesquite charcoal for the ribs. They were delicious.



I would rather gonzo stayed on as long as possible to do as much damage to the gop as humanly possible. All that needs to happen is to continue to investigate and shine a light on the gop so the voters know what they all about. Give them plenty of rope to hang themselves and they will take care of the rest.

I understand where you're coming from, Jeff. but I really don't think the timing hurts us at all. Bush's support of the AG, and the Republican congresscritters support of Bush is all on the record.

In the debtates, were the Republican candidates asked whether they support Gonzales? I don't recall...


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