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Has Bush Fallen off the Wagon?


This photo appears to show President Bush, an admitted alcoholic, drinking beer at the G8 summit. According to the BBC, US officials are insisting that the beer was of the non-alcoholic variety. Really? In Germany? Do the Germans even allow such a thing as non-alcoholic beer?

And, even more to the point, why would a recovered alcoholic want to drink non-alcoholic beer? As a reminder of the good old days?

Raising suspicions even more was Bush's failure to turn up at a photo op with French President Sarkozy and several other meetings early the next day. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that the President was seen drinking non-alcoholic beer the day before?

We also have the strange incident where Bush reportedly choked on a pretzel, passed out and fell on the ground cutting his face and bruising his lip. (Beer and pretzels anyone?).

And then there was the incident where Bush fell off of his bicycle during the 2005 G8 summit. In May 2004, he was badly grazed after falling off his mountain bike during a ride at his Texas ranch and, in June 2003, he fell off his hi-tech Segway scooter.

Just coincidence or a pattern?

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Comments (4)

John in CA:

Would it make you happy if he has "fallen off the wagon"? Would you have a moment of glee? Would that prove something for you? That the man is human, that he succumbed to the call of alcohol after all those years?

Paul Hamilton:

Some left wing website had a close up of the label of the bottle of the beer and it was Buckler near bear, which has about 1/6th the alcohol of regular beer so it would be just about physically impossible to drink enough to get drunk from that.

However, as an alcoholic, he shouldn't be drinking any booze at all.

And John, please make note of what I said above. He got great joy -- and a lot of votes -- spouting off about his reformation, so he needs to be more careful about his witness than the rest of us do.

Was it the near-beer that caused his upset stomach?

Or the fall off the wagon?

Steve Crickmore:

I agree, though, is not saying much: "George W. Bush drunk is a better man than Dick Cheney sober," to paraphrase the famous remark 'the Times' said about Lord George-Brown.


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