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Liars Now Lying About the Liar in Chief

HTML Menken goes over the top in this "Sadly, No!" commentary on the current tendency of Republicans to lie profusely about Bush. Now that their beloved leader is generally accepted to have been a total disaster for this country, they're claiming he wasn't a conservative to begin with!

Menken has more in this commentary, titled "Smash Their Fingers!":

So many wingnuts are trying to salvage their loathesome ideology from Bush's abject failure; he's gone over the cliff and they are just hanging on, trying to get a grip so that they don't fall with him. All they can claw at in this endeavor is the position that Bush has betrayed conservatism, is not a conservative, conservatism is not responsible for Bush, conservatism is actually viable and popular and should not suffer unduly for Bush's incompetence.

Don't let 'em do it! Kick them off the edge! Smash their fingers!

Menken points to Glenn Greenwald's commentary on this same subject (which we covered yesterday in our post Republicans Waffle on Bush) then continues with this:

Well, Sadly, No!'s specialty is extreme wingnuttery. And what's more extreme than weaselly revisionist history? What's worse than 'suddenly' discovering that Bush is 'no longer' a conservative? Ahh, that would be the claim that Bush was never a conservative, was a rank-rodent, liberal-in-disguise all along! I present, ladies and gentlemen, Mark Steyn:

Just to clarify my own position, I disagree with the President on illegal immigration but I can't honestly say that he "betrayed" me. Most of the stuff the base is mad about are things he openly championed in the 2000 race. He ran the most pro-Mexican, pro-federalization-of-education, pro-prescription-drugs-for-seniors campaign of any Republican Presidential candidate ever. The convention in Philadelphia was a non-stop riot of mariachi bands playing the Cucaracha alternating with cucaracha bands playing the Mariachi. I bumped into my own Senator, Bob Smith of New Hampshire, in downtown Philly and asked him how he was enjoying it. He said he'd tried to get in but he'd been denied entry. That's how multicultural and diversity-celebrating it was: guys with suspicious names like "Bob Smith" couldn't even get past security.

President Bush has, broadly speaking, governed as he said he would seven years ago.

But even that is mild compared to Vox Day, for whom accusations that Bush always was a liberal are too timid to bother with. No, Vox says that Bush was always a socialist!

None of these former Bush cultists can admit that Dear Leader was the bee's knees, gave them exactly what they wanted, was a living God, was the acme of conservatism. Because to admit that is to admit the fact that what they believe in -- their 'principles', their ideology, all of which Bush personified -- sucks and is a menace to humanity. It's our job to deny them their grip, to kick them off the cliff along with Dear Leader. Because if we don't, they'll just find another Dear Leader, and the Cult will be restored. No mercy. F*ck these people.

For me, the failure of the conservatives to compromise on issues such as Immigration and Stem Cell will only result in (1) a greater likelihood that American voters will elect a Democrat to the White House and install a larger Democratic plurality in Congress, which in turn will result in (2) Immigration Bills and Stem Cell Initiatives that are far more liberal than the compromise positions now stumbling through Congress... but try to 'splain that to the bull-headed conservative bulls and you'll only get grunts and snorts in return.

Fine, the line in the sand is now drawn on the Immigration issue, and no doubt conservatives expect that this and other "hot button" issues will help them produce a strong voter turnout next November, but they are shooting themselves in the foot by demonstrating just how much they don't give a crap about border security and the "war on terror" through actions like this.

Their short sightedness and intractability will also result in a greater turnout and backlash from the middle and the left. Many of us on the left are absolutely bound and determined to stop the Republicans from stealing another election. With the help we're getting from the slimy right, the task will be all that much easier... and enjoyable.

Smash their fingers indeed!

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