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Mitt Slams Bush for "Tarnishing" America

Yahoo News story:

Republican Mitt Romney on Wednesday jabbed at President Bush, saying the image of the United States has suffered globally based on the perception that it invaded Iraq unilaterally.

Addressing civic and business leaders, the former Massachusetts governor chided Bush as his fellow Republican traveled overseas for an economic summit and a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been critical of U.S. efforts to install a missile defense shield in Europe.

This is interesting because Romney has worked hard to position himself as the most conservative candidate on social issues. So is this an acknowledgment that support for the war has collapsed even among the fundamentalists?

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Steve Crickmore:

It's too bad people like Romney didn't say this 3 to 4 years ago. We were just as tarnished in the world's image of us then, maybe even more, when we using zero% diplomacy, and Bush/ Cheney were even more arrogant. Now that they are using 10% diplomacy, and Bush's head has dropped a little, (not Cheney's) Mitt finally perceives that world perceives that we have been acting unilaterally hey but "remember Poland". Not exactly early on the learning curve, but earlier than Bush.


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