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CSI: How the Immigration Bill was Killed

The Denver Post performs a post-mortem on the Immigration bill.

As a murder mystery, the death of immigration reform is a tale with many suspects.

There were Republicans who wanted it killed because they thought it gave amnesty to illegal immigrants. Some Democrats didn't like it much because it threatened to push down workers' wages.

In the end, the compromise immigration reform bill that tried to please everyone might not have been capable of surviving.

"It was an ambitious attempt but it was vulnerable from both extremes," said former Gov. Dick Lamm, a vocal supporter of tougher border enforcement. "Both extremes have their hand on the dagger that killed it."

Some tried harder than others:

Groups opposed to legal status for illegal immigrants rallied supporters to call and e-mail senators. One such group, grassfire.org., said Friday that it "sent over 700,000 petitions, faxes and thousands of phone calls to Senate offices."

"I've listened to talk-show hosts drumming up the opposition by using this word 'amnesty' over and over and over again, and essentially raising the roil of Americans to the extent that in my 15 years, I've never received more hate or more racist phone calls and threats," said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

Amendments were made in an attempt to find a compromise solution, but the racist bigots were very hard at work trying to make this go away.

"There were some people who, no matter what the bill said, were going to be opposed to it and were employing strategies to cause it to die a slow death, or a swift one," said Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn.

They seem to have succeeded, for now. Here's more along the same lines, for the Los Angeles Times:

The collapse of immigration legislation in the Senate this week is a monument to President Bush's enfeebled clout on Capitol Hill, the searing power of hostility toward illegal immigrants, and the difficulty of crafting a compromise on an emotional issue that touches diverse economic and political interests.

The fragile bipartisan deal on immigration was sidelined - for now and possibly for the rest of Bush's presidency - under fire from critics on the left and right, in labor and business, and in both political parties who believe the trouble-ridden status quo is better than the bill's untested new system.

"That's why people's phones are ringing off the hook," said Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., a leading opponent of the bill.

Despite support from Bush and a bipartisan coalition of influential senators, the bill fell victim to a groundswell of opposition to illegal immigration that has buffeted members of Congress around the country.

"Their left flank hated it and our right flank hated it," explained Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss. "The middle is a treacherous place to be."

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Comments (5)

It went down because the racists hate hispanics so much that they just flooded the issue with lies and petitions and phone calls and faxes in a relentless effort to stop the bill.

Groups opposed to legal status for illegal immigrants rallied supporters to call and e-mail senators. One such group, grassfire.org., said Friday that it "sent over 700,000 petitions, faxes and thousands of phone calls to Senate offices.

That's huge... This is one of those issues that could take years (and already has) if not decades to resolve. The racists have learned how to pull the strings in Washington and there is no opposing force who works equally as hard from the opposite side of the issue.


The immigration reform has hurt for a variety of reasons.

1. The last amnesty program was a complete failure and when the MSM showed old video clips from it, it was obvious that Congress was lying then and thus must be lying now.

2. The rush to finish it quickly made it look like the Senate had something to hide. The lack of committee hearings destroyed the Democrats credibility on claiming that they wanted to exercise oversight.

3. The first public push disucssed improved border security to include check offs. That was quickly shown to be a lie.

4. The dumping of documents in the middle of the night also made it look like Congress was trying to hide something. When people began to read the proposals it was obvious that there would be no improvement to border security but 12 million illegal aliens would be given immediate amnesty.

5. Many Republican, correctly, interpreted it as leading to the destruction of their political party. Putting 12 million poor illegal aliens on the path to citizenship would eliminate the Republicans as a political party.

Paul Hamilton:

Larkin, there are many good reasons to want to fix this situation with over ten million people in this country illegally, and racism has nothing to do with it. As I've said in just about every posting on this subject, the main beneficiary of illegals are the corporations who hire them at virtual slave wages. And the presence of so many people willing to work so cheaply devalues all American labor and makes a legitimate economic recovery that truly "raises all boats" nearly impossible.

And then there's the simply political reality that if a country cannot secure their own borders, the ability to control anything else becomes much more difficult.

Regarding this bill, the political reality is that like abortion and gay marriage, there is almost no acceptable middle ground. The only thing that a compromise accomplishes is to accomplish both sides in opposition. And for me, amnesty is simply not acceptable. All that does is give the message that if you violate the law long enough, the nation will not enforce that law.


On Friday the 8th the Washington Times reported that"Foreign nationals make up nearly 90 percent of the...persons arrested in connection with crimes against children, including pornographers and molesters, under Homeland Security's Operation Predator." page three.
It seems that the full truth of the nations' immigration problem is very dark indeed.

Paul Hamilton:

Here's the link to that story:

The catch to that story is that 90% of the people arrested BY THAT INITIATIVE were foreign nationals. That doesn't equate to illegals and it does not mean that 90% of ALL those involved in crimes against children are foreigners.

You have to read stories with an agenda, such as this one, very closely.


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