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If it's Monday, What is Bush's policy on a Deadline for Kosovo?


Question. And the deadline for the Kosovo independence --

PRESIDENT BUSH: What? Say that again?

Q. Deadline for the Kosovo independence?


Q. Deadline, deadline.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Deadline. Beg your pardon. My English isn't very good. (Laughter).

Q And on the deadline?

PRESIDENT BUSH: In terms of the deadline, there needs to be one. This needs to come -- this needs to happen. Now it's time, in our judgment, to move the Ahtisaari plan. There's been a series of delays. You might remember there was a moment when something was happening, and they said, no, we need a little more time to try to work through a U.N. Security Council resolution. And our view is that time is up.


"First of all, I don't think I called for a deadline," Mr. Bush said, during a press appearance with Prime Minister Berisha of Albania. He was reminded that he had.

"I did?" he asked, sounding surprised. "What exactly did I say? I said deadline? O.K., yes, then I meant what I said." (The reporters laughed)

If President Bush doesn't take himself seriously, one wonders how serious anyone else, such as Putin is supposed to take him or his policies? Or as Kevin Drum says, "is it really too much to ask the president of the United State to take his own policies seriously enough to actually know what they are?"

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