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Surrendering Bush Style

The right-wing blogosphere is continually accusing Democrats of wanting to "surrender" to the enemy in Iraq. Now, it turns out, the Administration is capitulating to the Sunni insurgency in Iraq and has ordered our military to start arming them as reported by the NY Times.

With the four-month-old increase in American troops showing only modest success in curbing insurgent attacks, American commanders are turning to another strategy that they acknowledge is fraught with risk: arming Sunni Arab groups that have promised to fight militants linked with Al Qaeda who have been their allies in the past.

American commanders say they have successfully tested the strategy in Anbar Province west of Baghdad and have held talks with Sunni groups in at least four areas of central and north-central Iraq where the insurgency has been strong. In some cases, the American commanders say, the Sunni groups are suspected of involvement in past attacks on American troops or of having links to such groups. Some of these groups, they say, have been provided, usually through Iraqi military units allied with the Americans, with arms, ammunition, cash, fuel and supplies.

I've long argued that the only way out of this quagmire was to cut a deal with the Sunni insurgents to get them to work with us to eradicate the Al Qaeda presence that they have tolerated. Arming the Sunni insurgent groups will also give them a better chance to defend themselves when we ultimately do withdraw and a full-scale civil war erupts.

So, I'm not complaining about this new strategy, but I find it highly ironic that the right-wing blogosphere is utterly silent about the fact that we are now arming insurgent groups in Iraq that have claimed the lives of our fallen heroes in Iraq.

Still, you won't find me referring to Bush as a "surrender monkey" because he is surrendering to the Sunni insurgents of Iraq. No sir.

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Steve Crickmore:

I suppose this new tactic could work, if it is deftly pulled off( which is a big if, remember our early support of Osama bin Laden against the Russians in Afganhanistan and the training and equipping of the Iraqi police and army, much of it composed of Shiite militas and death squads).
"We hate you because you are occupiers' " General Lynch related what the Sunni insurgent groups had said in the 'New York Times' article, "but we hate Al Qaeda worse, and we hate the Persians (the radical Shiites) even more." so I guess this is an improvement of sorts.


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