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Right Winger Wants to End Public Schools

LA Times commentary:

HERE'S A GOOD question for you: Why have public schools at all?

OK, cue the marching music. We need public schools because blah blah blah and yada yada yada. We could say blah is common culture and yada is the government's interest in promoting the general welfare. Or that children are the future. And a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Because we can't leave any child behind.

The problem with all these bromides is that they leave out the simple fact that one of the surest ways to leave a kid "behind" is to hand him over to the government. Americans want universal education, just as they want universally safe food. But nobody believes that the government should run 90% of the restaurants, farms and supermarkets. Why should it run 90% of the schools -- particularly when it gets terrible results?

So the alternative would be that kids would get as good an education as their parents could afford, and with the the rich getting richer and everybody else continuing to lose ground, this -- along with "guest workers" would be another way to assure the existance of a permanent underclass in this country which could be exploited for cheap labor.

And one more thing -- I realize it's right wing gospel, but I sure would like someone to quantify that US public schools are so "terrible." The reports I've seen are that the vast majority of private schools have test scores just about equal with the public schools, and this is with them picking and choosing students. Of course our schools can (and should) be better than they are, but when new sports stadiums rate higher than schools, it's no wonder that things need improvement.

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Comments (4)

John in CA:

I am not a total advocate of abolishment of "public" schools, but I do want the federal government out of it. I'd shut down the Department of Education in a nano-second and permanently ban any Dept of Education employees from ever holding another government job.

Then let the states decide how they will handle the education of the children of the residents of their state.

Paul Hamilton:

Is there some basis for this hostility?

John in CA:

What hostility? There's no hostility in my post. The federal government has no business in education. When the Department of Education gets shut down I don't want to run the risk of any those bureaucrats infiltrating any other part of the federal government.

Education? Some right wingers don't need any education to come up with their opinions.

A bumper sticker once circulated urged persons to: Vote Republican: It's Easier Than Thinking.


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