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Watching for Signs of Progress on Immigration

U.S. Border with MexicoPresident Bush seems sincere about wanting to bring the bill to his desk for signing, and we'll know progress is being made when the bill is taken off the shelf by Reid.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he will bring up the measure again if Democrats can be assured of more Republican backing.

It's unclear, though, how much influence Bush has among Republicans on immigration, given that it has sparked a backlash among some of the party's core supporters, who see it as amnesty for people who sneaked into the country.

Appearing Tuesday on CBS's "The Early Show," [White House Press Secretary Tony] Snow said, "I think what you're going to find is that Senate Republicans are going to put together a package of amendments and present them to Democrats and say, 'This what we want to debate.' "

"We seem to be getting some signals out of the majority leader that he'll go ahead and make that debate possible, and therefore we feel pretty confident we're going to get passage," Snow said.

Proponents of the bill gathered Monday evening to plot strategy for bringing it back. They were working to agree on a limited list of Republican-sought changes that could be considered before a final vote on the measure.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the minority leader, has said such a deal could allow the bill to go forward.

"There are a substantial number of Republican senators who believe that this bill would be an improvement over the current situation, over the status quo," McConnell said.

The center and left should not cave in to the whining demands of the right wing bigots on this issue. We should send those babies to bed without their supper before we give in to these tantrums.

It'll be up to Bush and the Republicans like McConnell to move the far right towards the middle and towards compromise. Good luck!

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Comments (5)


Any program that puts 12 million illegal aliens on the road to citizenship is nothing but suicide for Republicans.

If the Democrats want open borders, unlimited immigration, and no border control, they should have to do it without any Republican support and then accept the outcome of the results.

Lee Ward:

If this is such a raw deal for Republicans then why are President Bush and several prominent Republicans (like Senator McCain) behind it?



Yes, it is a horrible deal for Republicans. The immigration deal would destroy the Republican party before the 2016 election. Bush is an idiot who believes that hispanics can be convinced to vote for Republicans. President Bush also is desperate for a legacy issue that he would throw all conservatives in the U.S. under the bus to get it.


lee, you ass, being against granting status to millions of immigrants who broke the law in entering this country does not make one a bigot.

and for the record, i'm mildly supportive of most of the bill. but calling those who have good reasoning behind their objections bigots does not advance the debate, nor pass it bill. all it does is show what a hate filled, partisan ass you can be.

and how about the left? if you're calling on the right to compromise, why aren't you calling for the left to compromise as well? or is that just a one way street for you?

Lee Ward:

My understanding, ke, is that Senators Kennedy and Feinstein fought off attempted changes from the left to liberalize this bill all last week. To now cave in to the right and make concessions as a reward to the bigots who don't have good reasons other than their bigotry to oppose this bill is absurd.

The left compromised and negotiated with Bush and McCain, it's now up to Bush and McCain to convince the bigots to compromise as well.

Can I make that any clearer? I'm not saying everyone who opposes this bill is a bigot, but I'd say it's the bigots who are keeping this bill from passage.

SuperD - So if the Hispanics who would receive citizenship under this bill would agree to vote Republican for the next 100 years you'd be okay with the bill as is?

I don't know if that accurately reflects your position, but if your main concern is how these newly-minted citizens would vote it rather shoots holes in all of the Republican arguments about this being a border-security issue, etc...

A few weeks ago I accused Republicans of being only concerned with the voter registration of immigrants granted citizenship through this bill in a post titled "Immigration, and the Whoring Republicans." Are you agreeing with that position?


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