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Romney Will Say Anything To Get Your Vote

Let's examine where Mitt Romney stands on the subject of pardons.

In my view, if there was ever a candidate for a pardon it would be Anthony Circosta.

Decorated Iraq war veteran Anthony Circosta seemed like an ideal candidate for a pardon from then-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for his boyhood conviction for a BB gun shooting.

Romney said no -- twice -- despite the recommendation of the state's Board of Pardons.

At age 13, Circosta was convicted of assault for shooting another boy in the arm with a BB gun, a shot that didn't break the skin. Circosta worked his way through college, joined the Army National Guard and led a platoon of 20 soldiers in Iraq's deadly Sunni triangle.

In 2005, as he was serving in Iraq, he sought a pardon to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer.

"I've done everything I can to give back to my state and my community and my country and to get brushed aside is very frustrating," said Circosta, 29, of Agawam, Mass. "I'm not some shlub off the street."

In his presidential bid, Romney often proudly points out that he was the first governor in modern Massachusetts history to deny every request for a pardon or commutation during his four years in office. He says he refused pardons because he didn't want to overturn a jury.

Jump ahead to the recent New Hampshire Republican Debate.

Asked in last week's debate if he would consider pardoning Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, who was convicted of lying and obstructing the CIA leak investigation, Romney said: "It's worth looking at that. I will study it very closely if I'm lucky enough to be president. And I'd keep that option open."

Mitt Romney is lying slime without a backbone, a snake that will compromise his principles, and say anything and do anything to get elected. This is just another classic example of the infamous Romney Mitt-Flop.

Here's another. Mitt Romney in a debate while campaigning for a Massachusetts Senate seat in 1994.

Click on the "play" button in the lower left-hand corner to play the video.

The more I see of Romney the more I realize what a huge mistake it would be to let this slime into the White House. The man has no integrity. The man has no principles. The man is a political hack who will say whatever you want to hear in order to steal your vote.

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Comments (2)

Lee Ward:

Romney is spending a fortune on advertising, and what we're seeing is Romney benefiting from those ads as Republicans continue to move from one candidate to the next looking for substance. First it was McCain, then Giuliani, now Romney -- soon to be Fred Thompson. All of these candidates are nothing more than plastic imitations of real people - all are eventually deemed to be unworthy.

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, I will take your word and a few other liberal bloggers including Matt Yyglesias about Mitt. Most of the commentators agree Romney is a phony, but only appears moderate by default, when standing next to the other wacko candiadates he is up against.


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