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Spot the Phony


How are you at spotting fake smiles? Here's a way to spend about 3 minutes to find out. Try taking this test from the BBC to test your ability to tell a real, genuine smile from a fake one.

I was surprised at how well I scored. How did you do?

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Comments (4)

Lee Ward:

I got 18/20 correct.

John in CA:

I get 1/1 in detecting fake smiles. Anytime John F'ing Kerry smiles - it's fake.


That was a pretty cool test. I only got 14/20, but I did better as the test went on. I missed quite a few at the beginning, but got like the last ten right, after I started concentrating on the eyes. In that picture from the original post, Rudy definately has the fakest fake smile.


16/20 here. Guess my intuition isn't as bad as I thought.


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