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Another IT Expert says White House Emails Retrieveable

On Tuesday I linked to an interview with computer forensics expert Ken Mendelson, the Managing Director of Stroz Freidberg, a consulting firm which "specializ[es] in computer forensics; cyber-crime response; private investigations; and the preservation, analysis and production of electronic data from single hard drives to complex corporate networks".

Mendelson stated unequivocally that the emails were retrievable, and so does Brad Kenny, IT Editor at Industry Week Magazine:

"Lost" White House Emails Will Turn Up

I'd like to make a prediction and a quick technical explanation about the White House and its two sets of "lost" emails.

My prediction is that that these emails will turn up, because for them to be deleted beyond recall involves a complicity on the part of everyone involved to violate the law - including the IT departments at both the White House and the Republican National Committee (RNC).

First, consider that the five million missing White House emails were said to be casualties of a conversion from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook, which is a fairly routine business event (even outside of the heightened regulatory requirements concerning presidential records) that starts with "Step One: Back up everything (including the backup)."

Also, in order for an email (whether one or five million) to be fully deleted beyond hope of any retention (as is supposedly the case with the RNC emails), they must be deleted from the mail client that authored them, the server that sent them, the server that received them AND the mail client that opened them on the other end, as well as any of the routine backup tapes that any capable, trustworthy IT department makes on a regular basis.

For anyone with any level of technical competency, the arguments put forth so far to explain this latest mess simply do not compute.

The only reason that these White House emails have not been produced is that the White House is involved in a cover-up.

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Paul Hamilton:

The entire Bush administration has a database obsession, and that alone convinces me that they wouldn't just trash their emails. There's too good a chance that someone's words could be potential weapons against them and so SOMEBODY would keep those messages.


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