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Feeling the Love For Obama

UPDATED: Link to sexy Amber Lee Ettinger's web site included below.

"Obama Girl" is definitely Feeling the Love for Barack.

This from the New York Times:

There's a model involved [Amber Lee Ettinger], and the singer is Leah Kauffman, and from an account by ABCNews.com, it's all innocent (we use that word loosely) and not oppo from another campaign. She's known for doing a spoof off a Saturday Night Live skit with Justin Timberlake. Hers is called "My Box in a Box." We'll leave it to your memory to remember the SNL Christmas riff. The Obama camp told ABC it had nothing to do with this new one.

The music is totally pop, though the video is all chest and cleavage, and well, a pair of red boypants with OBAMA across the back. Yep.

Mr. Obama complained about the attention paid to his pecs in those Hawaiian pix. We have to wonder what his campaign will ultimately have to say about this new fan, er, fan-tube. Right? It's not fan-mail, but fan-tube....

There's, sorry, no appropriate segue to the rest.

Except that our colleague, Katharine Q. Seelye, has a take on the next video-savvy Democratic debate, where phenom YouTube becomes a real player. We have no idea at this point whether Obama Girl will appear to ask a question.

Click through to Seelye's treatment of YouTube vis a vis the upcoming July 23rd Democratic presidential debate. Here's a snippet:

The presidential debates are about to enter the world of YouTube, the anything-goes home-video-sharing Web site that puts the power in the hands of the camera holder. YouTube, which is owned by Google, and CNN are co-sponsoring a debate among the eight Democratic presidential candidates on July 23 in South Carolina, an event that could define the next phase of what has already been called the YouTube election, a visual realm beyond Web sites and blogs.

The candidates are to assemble on a stage in Charleston, S.C., at the Citadel (yes, the Citadel, the military school criticized by some Democrats a decade ago before it began admitting women). The questions will come via video submitted by ordinary people through YouTube. Moderating between the viewer and the candidates will be Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor.

The video format opens the door for originality and spontaneity -- elements usually foreign to the controlled environment of presidential image-making. Because visual images can be more powerful than words, the videos have the potential to elicit emotional responses from the candidates and frame the election in new ways.

"It's one of the biggest innovations we've seen in politics," said Mike Gehrke, director of research for the Democratic National Committee, which has sanctioned the YouTube/CNN event as the first of six official Democratic debates this year (which means the party has coordinated them).

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Comments (2)

Paul Hamilton:

I guess I'm just an old codger, but I'd rather see candidates viewed as potential public servants and have their views on the issues the most important topic. This is turning Obama into a celebrity, which is a whole other animal.

Still, I'll admit it's interesting and probably revealing about the attitudes of this generation toward politics. Not good necessarily, but interesting...

Lee Ward:

To me it is what it "is", and I can't judge yet whether it's good or it's bad, but the shift towards YouTube citizen-driven journalism is changing the way politics are done, and I don't think it's necessarily a change for the worse. It's better that relying on paid political advertising, for example.


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