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Immigration Bill May Reappear Quickly

The AP is reporting:

Key senators tentatively agreed on a plan to revive a stalled immigration bill on Thursday, aided by President Bush's support for a quick $4.4 billion aimed at "securing our borders and enforcing our laws at the work site."

Officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said Republican and Democratic supporters of the bill were presenting their proposal to the Senate's top two leaders, who in turn arranged an early evening meeting to discuss it.

Precise details to be presented to Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., were not disclosed.

In general, according to officials familiar with the discussions, Republicans and Democrats would each be accorded roughly a dozen chances to amend the measure, with the hope that they would then combine to provide the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster by die-hard opponents. The officials who described the emerging plan did so on condition of anonymity, saying the negotiations had been conducted in private.

Bring it on... this should be interesting. I bet the racist bigots, who will oppose any immigration bill in any form, are already warming up those fax machines.

If we were talking about 11 million caucasian Canadian illegals this bill would sail right through Congress, and the Republicans would be planning a "Welcome to the USA" barbecue on the White House south lawn to celebrate our newly-minted citizens.

But these are not lily-white illegals, these are brown-skinned illegals, and the racists are going to be spitting nails at having to fight this again.

Being a racist must be awfully tiring these days...

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Comments (19)


Any Republican who support unlimited immigration, open borders, amnesty, and no enforcement is just commiting political suicide.

Amnesty by itself will destroy the Republican party is less than 10 years.

Would the Democrats be supporting Amensty if Hispanics did not vote 75% for Democrats and blacks vote for Democrats no matter how many times the elite, white leadership screws them over?

John in CA:

If we were talking about 11 million caucasian Canadian illegals this bill would sail right through Congress,...

I responded to your theory last night leeward. I'd RATHER have 11 million illegal Mexicans than 11 million Canadians.

I like Mexicans, I'm not so sure about Canadians. I'd much rather hear "si?" than "eh?".

To extend this a bit more, I'd especially prefer to have 11 million illegal Mexicans than 11 million liberals. So, if you can round up 10,999,999 others just like you and head down to Mexico, I'll consider it a great deal for America and drop my opposition to amnesty. Although, I really hate to send 11,000,000 American liberals to the unsuspecting Mexicans who are still in Mexico.

I suppose if we sent you and your fellow travelers to Mexico City with their whiny, loser socialist mayor it would be okay. You all would fit right in with his politics.


Paul Hamilton:

I'd be just as opposed to amnesty if the illegals were Irish or Polish or anything else. They are cheap labor benefiting only the fat cats and harming the value of American workers for whom the last thing they need is one more knife in the back from their elected officials.

Oh, and they're deliberate lawbreakers. Can't forget that minor detail.

John in CA:

Watch out Paul Hamilton, leeward will be slinging the racist card at you. Or, since you're a liberal you can't be a racist? You just have the best interest of America at heart...

Lee Ward:

As I 've said before, John, not everyone who opposes this Immigration bill is a racist, but last time around the racists managed to kill this bill, and it's a sure bet they will try again.

John in CA:

So, leeward, just how many of these "racists" are there? I mean, just as a percentage of the people who oppose amnesty? Is it ALL Republicans who oppose this amnesty bill? Is it just the vocal opponents who are Republicans? Is it only the Republicans who called and faxed and emailed their opposition? Is it all the right blogosphere that editorialized and opined against the amnesty bill?

Really, just who and how many of these racists did it take to kill this amnesty bill the last time? What distinguishes them as racists? How can you tell not having met them or talked or heard all of them? From where do you get such wisdom and insight?

John in CA:

Are any of the democratics and liberals who opposed this amnesty bill racists? Can you name or point out any of them?

Lee Ward:

"So, leeward, just how many of these "racists" are there? I mean, just as a percentage of the people who oppose amnesty? Is it ALL Republicans who oppose this amnesty bill?"

You've shown is that no matter how many times I answer you, John, you will keep repeating the same questions over and over again, ignoring my previous answers.

So I'm not going to play this game with you, but I will attempt to point out the racists as they surface in the next round over this bill. Stay tuned...

Lee Ward:

"It takes years to gain citizenship under this bill and the guest workers will not be able to vote in our elections. I don't think that's the motivation."

If John were honest, he'd admit that for a lot of those opposing the Immigration bill, the perception that these new citizens would vote for Democrats is major, major, reason they oppose the bill.

Am I right, John?

John in CA:

So I'm not going to play this game with you, but I will attempt to point out the racists as they surface in the next round over this bill. Stay tuned...

You're not going to "play this game" because you can't define the racists you refer to without casting a wide net. You'd rather make vague accusations and hope that the opponents shy away from it for fear of being labeled a racist. That's the race pimp's ploy - and you're a race card playing pimp. No different than Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or the whole crew of them that operate in Los Angeles.

The last time around, I helped to kill this bill. I faxed and emailed and called. My position is NOTHING until they can prove they can secure the border. AM I A RACIST leeward? If you think so, just say it. Have the courage of your convictions. Stop this pussy footing around...

Lee Ward:

Well, John, I'm sure there are lots of bills that you feel strongly about, and this isn't the only bill that you call and faxed and emailed about, right?

John in CA:

With democratics' opposition to voter ID requirements why would the illegals need to be citizens to vote?

And yes, I do think that many of those illegal immigrants would become a permanent sub class that could be bought with our ever growing entitlements. Just as the democratics have kept the blacks in near servitude for decades with entitlement mentaility, so would many of the amnestied illegals likewise be suppressed.

MY main concern is that those millions here illegally started out what they hope to be a life in America by first breaking our laws.

The second concern is that as soon as this group is granted amnesty (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it'snotamnesty...well, put a dress on it, slap some lipstick on it and call it whatever you want, I call it amnesty, cuz, you know, it looks like amnesty, it sounds like amnesty and it smells like amnesty) we are just setting ourselves up for the next group of illegals who will be angling for their amnesty.

As horrible as the '86 Simpson-Mazzoli Act was, at least they had the honesty to say it was amnesty. We said, okay, sounds reasonable, we'll try it. Well, we see how that all turned out - four times as many illegals to deal with. We got to this point because we didn't SECURE THE FREAKING BORDER! And until we secure the border I don't want to hear squat about amnesty, guest workers, Z-visas or any other touchy feely Bee (as in B) Ess (as in S) crap.

The Republicans who think that somehow by being sympathetic to the latino illegals that they will become GOP voters are deluding themselves. They are trying to out democrat democratics and out liberal liberals. Can't be done. Those two groups are naturally scheming panderers and it's in their blood and can't be matched by honest people.

So, even those 50000 to 70000 Irish that Ireland's PM said were in the United States illegally need to be found and shipped back to Ireland...with an I stamped on their forehead and never to cross a US border again - along with every other illegal here in the US...

John in CA:

I hardly see what bearing my activism or lack of activism on other legislation has to do with this amnesty legislation.

Would a lack of activism prior to this legislation somehow make a point?

So, just to see, let's say I have never called, faxed or emailed Congress on any other issue or legislation.

Lee Ward:

Ill take that as a "no, I have never faxed, emailed , and called my representatives before regarding legislative matters", John, le tus know if that is incorrect.

And you've gone into great lengths in this thread and in other threads on Wizbang Blue to explain your position on the Immigration Bill. Is it also far to say that you feel more strongly about this issue than any other issue? It would appear that way from your comments.

John in CA:

I feel strongly about MANY issues and legislative matters. Let's say that this one really, really fires me up. Especially when some people who support amnesty want to label some opponents as racists, xenophobes and nativists.

I also think that anything that has Kennedy involved in it, especially when it comes to immigration, must be fatally flawed.

What I really think is that you believe by identifying someone as an activist opposed to illegal immigrant amnesty that will help define that person as a racist. Only a racist would suddenly become an activist about this issue while being inactive on other issues.

Lee Ward:

"Only a racist would suddenly become an activist about this issue while being inactive on other issues."

That's an interesting assumption for you to make, John.

So then it's the label that's got you "really fired up" over this issue, and if some people wouldn't label actions such as yours as "racist" you wouldn't feel as strongly as you do about this issue? Did I read that correctly, John?

Lee Ward:

And I'm signing off for now, John. Have a pleasant evening -- catch you tomorrow. Try to not lose any sleep over this.


john isn't making an assumption. he's reading what you are writing and drawing a logical conclusion from what you are saying. i just read through this thread for the first time, and that's what i think you are getting at too. and none too subtly either.

here's the thing about language, lee. you don't have to say something directly to be saying it.

Lee Ward:

And, ke-- as anyone who has any experience on the internet knows, text-only messages can be very difficult to decode, and are often mis-interpeted after being run through the reader's own bias-laden "filter."

I stated elsewhere that the continued mis-reading of what I wrote, and the "spin" put it on it by conservative commenters, was either a sign of poor reading-comprehension or a sign of someone "itching for a fight". I'm coming to the conclusion that it's the latter.


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