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Mitt-Flop #239,642

One of Mitt Romney's fellow Mormons speaks out on Mitt-Flopping Romney's hypocrisy:

Romney's double standard

I am a Mormon who grew up in Utah Valley. For the most part, I fit the mold and support the conservative agenda. I was, however, very disappointed that not one of the GOP candidates came out against the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy at the recent Republican debate.

The law is clearly discriminatory. In this time of war, the military needs all the help it can get. Being gay or lesbian should not be an automatic disqualifier.

I was especially saddened that Mitt Romney fell in line with the rest of the candidates in support of the policy. Romney admitted that he originally thought the policy was silly, but like on so many other issues he has now changed his mind. I wonder if Romney is so concerned with appealing to the conservative base that he is no longer willing to say what he truly believes.

After receiving such a backlash for being a Mormon candidate, I thought Romney would be more sensitive to discrimination issues. I wonder if Romney would have something to say if the policy were directed at Mormons.

It's starting to look like Romney lives a double standard. What a shame! Even more shameful is that there probably isn't anyone better than Romney running for president.

Clint A. Paulson
Williamsburg, Va

Well said, Mr. Paulson.

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You guys must come from the Gray Davis school of politics. You are supposedly the blue Wizbang but all you seem to post about are Republican candidates.

Are the Democratic candidates so boring, so non-commital, and so devoid of ideas that all you can talk about are Republicans?

Lee Ward:

The Republican buffoonery is just so damned entertaining, SD. It's like watching a slow-motion train wreck unfolding right before your eyes.

I can't look away... look, there's goes McCain hugging California redwoods -- look -- here's Mitt Romney being a flip-flop artist -- look, there's Rudy in a nice evening gown...


I'm ashamed to admit it, but that was funny as hell, Lee.

Lee Ward:

And I'm ashamed to admit that I can't look away - but right now this is what's captivating to me, so it's what write about. I'm fascinated at the way the Republican'ts are struggling trying to find a platform, and the way candidates are trying to present whatever face the voters want to see, and the way the Republicans are fighting each other over the Immigration bill.

I suspect that'll change at some point, certainly once each party's nominees are named, but even then I may still be fascinated by the failure of the Republcians rather than the successes (and failures) of the Democrats.

As many used to tell me when I railed against the Wizbang bloggers in their comment threads - hey -- if you don't like what they (Jay, Kim, Lorie) wrote then write your own blog and write about whatever you want. I am.


The more the election ramps up the more reclusive I get. It becomes such a dirty and fake game that it's exhausting to me.


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