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What American Accent Do You Have?

Take the test.

Then tell us the results and whether or not it accurately describes you.

It pegged me as a Midlander. I've had people from other parts of the country say my accent is as Hoosier as corn pone, so I guess they were right.

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Comments (3)

Lee Ward:

Mine is midland as well. I was born in the midwest and grew up in South, but my parents and their parents etc etc were all midwesterners, so I definitely picked up and still carry their midland twang. I do revert to a southern twang when I'm tired.


I'm classified as Midlands as well. I've been told I have a neutral accent before, which is odd since I grew up in Massachusetts. That heritage has always manifested itself in my phrases more than my pronounciation though.

I also pick up a slight Massachusetts accent when I'm tired.

Steve Crickmore:

Since I spent much of my life in Canda they have me pegged as a Canadian...That's pretty good.


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