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Yeah, But Has He Led the Choir?

RightCrossPuns commentary:

A day later, I'm still steamed at this story by CBN's esteemed David Brody. Not because of anything David did. It's the suggestion made by the story's subject that voters ought to consider how frequently any candidate attends church. The most galling part is from a professor at Harding College, who wants to know if Fred Thompson has :

"Taught a Bible class,
Presided at the Lord's table,
Served as a greeter,
Or led singing. ('If it was 728b and you can prove it, I'll give you $100,' he wagered, referring to the hymn, "Our God, His Is Alive," which is considered an anthem in the Churches of Christ)."
Let me get this straight. He is offering a wager on whether Fred Thompson has led singing in a hymn? It's ironic and absurd at the same time.

Funny and sad at the same time. The Religious Right hitched their wagon to Bush and have been dragged down by him as everything he's done is falling apart. But they still act as if they have veto power over any candidate the Pubs might select. All of this dates back to Lee Atwater's courting of the religious fanatics, but as usual, when you play with fire, eventually you get burned, and now these folks are acting like they run the party, and despite their talk of a "Christian nation," the political truth is that most people cannot stand the idea of turning the keys of government over to the extremists. While they might love to see a Brownback or Romney at the top of the ticket, the real political professionals know that would be a disaster.

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