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A Telling Quotation

Seen on Bartcop:

"I don't carry anything less than 50s. I certainly don't carry change. I never get change.
I don't take the change. I do not have a change drawer. I don't have change in my car.
I don't go places where they give change. If that happens to me, if there's a little bucket
there at the checkout for some charitable society, I throw the change in there."
-- Rush Limbaugh

Must be nice to be so wealthy that you never have to keep the change from a fifty on anything you buy. It's this sort of arrogance which is wrecking the Big Tent which surrounded the Reagan presidency. At least he left the impression that he respected and cared about ordinary Americans. The current bunch were born with a silver spoon and love to remind the rest of us how well off they are. If we complain about the price of gas, they either ignore it completely or suggest we just go out and buy a more fuel-efficient new car. And we should be HAPPY that gas has gone from $3.25 to a mere $3.00 a gallon.

This sort of thing is a great opportunity for the Dems if they choose to exploit it. You might recall that back when Bush Sr was running for office, he'd never seen a supermarket scanner and was dazzled by it. The rest of us just laughed at how disconnected the rich are from the ordinary realities of life.

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