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California's Republican Party Outsources Major Party Jobs To Foreigners

While many California Republican politicians continue to take a hard line on immigration issues, two major state party organization jobs have been outsourced to non-U.S. citizens. Canadian citizen Christopher Matthews, 35, has become a major paid consultant, reportedly paid more than $100,000 a year because apparently no qualified American consultants must exist for the California GOP with only two statewide office wins in recent elections, which include former Austrian national Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Interestingly, Matthews was hired by another non-U.S. citizen working for the California State Republican Party, Michael Kamburowski. Kamburowski is an Australian citizen who was a former real estate agent who sold property in the Dominican Republic.

While this party continues to feature many hard line politicians who rant on immigration issues, it seems like grand hypocrisy for major party-leadership and organizing jobs to be filled by foreign national citizens working under TN and H1-B work visas.

But increasingly foreign nationals are becomining the major leadership force behind this California state Republican organization. These foreign workers are helping to tailor a party that appeals to the most socially conservative elements among California voters, which seems like a strange role for foreign workers to be promoting.

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