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Failed Bush Mideast Doctrine Leaves Region In Serious Trouble

(From a commentary after the fall of Gaza to Hamas first published as a comment on Wizbang:)

This power struggle among the Palestinians is yet another dangerous consequence of the grossly inept and failed Bush Mideast foreign policy. The Bush Doctrine promoted the concept of democratic elections in the Mideast when many of these people lack the social development for such freedoms without unleashing dangerous fundamentalist radicals into power.

In Iraq, instead of democracy a Shiite dominated government unable to effectively share power with the Sunni minority has resulted in a low level civil war and acted as a magnet for foreign radicals as well such as Al Qaeda.

In Lebanon, a power struggle continues between Western allies in the government and proSyrian elements as well as Hezbollah and growing Al Qaeda presense among the six main Palestinian refugee camps, some of which have existed since the 1948 war in Israel.

Kurdish radicals are now increasing a separatist conflict with Turkey in the hopes of creating a state of Kurdistan, creating problems with the important NATO role membership of Turkey.

Iran increasingly is becoming the major radical Mideast power with the destruction of Saddam Hussein's Iraq to keep this dangerous religious radical state in check. Iran also presents a huge future nuclear threat both to Israel and the U.S.

In addition, radicals in Egypt and other states continue an arms flow to regional radicals, setting the stage for more armed revolutions like the one in Gaza that brought Hamas extremists to power in their armed coup against the more moderate U.S. backed Fatah.

Syria continues to build a giant fleet of rockets and missiles and huge underground military bunkers immune to U.S. or Israeli bunker buster bombs.

The government of Pakistan is being increasingly undermined by Taliban and Al Qaeda supporters and other radicals and could even collapse sometime in the future, giving radicals control of a fleet of nuclear weapons.

This Bush Administration has simply not been up to the job at all, and the Mideast is now in the most volatile and dangerous mess it has ever been in where both radicalism and nuclear dangers are steadily growing and endangering the mainland U.S. interests and leaving Americans far less secure and safe than ever before. No administration has ever failed so badly with foreign policy so critical to the safety of Israel and the U.S. both.

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Steve Crickmore:

Paul Hoosan, a good review! The United States and Israel by undermining the moderate Fatah government and the Palestian Authority have helped to bring the extreme Hamas to power in Gaza..Juan Cole pointed this out in his prophetic failed- state article, 'a bantuzation of Palestine', a year ago. The same result looks to be taking place in Iraq as the radical shiites gain more control. One might use one of Larkin's favorite terms 'the unattended consequences' for Bush's policies yes. I doubt if the witless Bush had the foresight to see the results of his inept strategy, but this may be part of the neocon deliberate 'attended consequences' strategy to fail as many states as possible in the region, in order to strengthen Israel and America's hand..Of course, the opposite will undoubtedly happen.


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