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Fred Thompson's Next Role - Paris Hilton

Fredandwife.jpgFred Thompson is a first-class putz, and once he finds the keys to his widdle red pickup truck he promises to just tear up the American political scene -- if he in fact decides to run, but he hasn't decided to run, although he's decided to run if he wants to run, and he'll let us know soon, or in a while, or maybe later.

Apparently Fred doesn't have the cognitive skills and intestinal fortitude to make important decisions. Hmmmm, not a good sign...

And please, have no doubt that Fred's next political foray (if it fruits) will be helped along by the tabloid-esque antics of conservative media like Fox News, and by right wing fathead hate-talk pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Sean "You're a good American now let's go shoot us some liberals" Hannity.

Checking down under... Sydney, Australia-based freelance journalist Antony Loewenstein weighs in herein on the transparent attempt by the GOP to float a wanna-be actor "ringer" in the upcoming election, namely the aforementioned follicly-challenged Fred, who Loewenstein likens to the "Paris Hilton of Politics":

Realising that none of the Republican Presidential candidates comes equipped with the star power of Barak Obama (even Giuliani can't stop the hemorrhaging of the Republican base), the GOP are looking to the Great White Hope and actor, Fred Thompson, to rekindle the Reagan days. In an era where superficiality is king and substance is considered a liability, there is the glimmer of hope that the public will take the tough talking role Thompson plays on Law and Order and accept that as the real deal.

So what does Thompson's track record look like?

  • His civic work? Please. Thompson is infamous for having been one of the laziest senators to serve, and didn't pass a single piece of important legislation.
  • His conservatism? Please. He's pro-abortion (except when he's not). He was one of the few Republican senators to back the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law, much loathed by conservatives. In a Mitt-Romney-ish flip-flop move, he just recently changed from supporting amnesty to decrying the immigration bill.
  • His professional career? Please. He's spent most of his career as a paid lobbyist -- an "influence peddler."
  • His latest gig? Fred is the well-paid radio spokes-mouth for LifeLock Inc. which the Federal Trade Commission says deceived consumers.

In the high-tech software industry, software that is much-hyped but which never delivers on the hype and promise is called "vapor-ware." What we're witnessing in American politics today, with Fred Thompson's pathetic attempts at looking and "acting" presidential, is nothing more than "vapid-ware." Click through to Loewenstein's site for more: Fred Thompson Is the Paris Hilton of Politics.

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Comments (2)

John in CA:
now let's go shoot us some liberals

Now that sounds like fun. Where do I sign up and how much does it cost? It'll be like a turkey shoot, only easier and of greater benefit to the country.

Lee Ward:

As Sean Hannity would say -- "John in California --you're a good American!"


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