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Right Wing Blogosphere Goes Ape over Immigration

I am enjoying this so much. CNN has a story on conservative bloggers who've gone absolutely ballistic over the revivial of Bush's immigration bill.

When details of an immigration compromise were announced this spring, conservative bloggers were immediately incensed. Michelle Malkin labeled it "a White House betrayal."

Another popular blogger, Hugh Hewitt, called the bill a "fiasco" and wrote: "this push for this bill is a disaster, Mr. President.

"The administration has not done anything to fix the border or the visa program," said Ed Morrissey, the Minnesota-based founder of the blog Captain's Quarters. "It's a huge gap in national security. It's been six years past 9/11 and the administration has done nothing to fix either one."

The blog Ace of Spades HQ called Bush "incompetent" and "embarrassingly dimwitted" and urged him to retire.

And now, they are sharpening their knives in an attempt to derail the bill once again. But just how much influence does the right-wing blogosphere have over Republican politicians? Certainly not as much influence as the left-wing blogosphere has with Democrats.

Why? Because in the Republican Party powerful special interest groups like big business have an influence that is far greater than anything that can be mustered by a bunch of bloggers. These people own the Republican Party and if you're not one of them, hey, your opinion just doesn't matter. I'm sure they appreciate your (meaning you right-wing bloggers) support for them, but don't fool yourselves for one minute that they really care about what you think.

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Comments (2)

Paul Hamilton:

Good point. The Pubs are really pushing the limits of the loyalty of their base and the immigration issue may well be one of those hot-buttons that finally causes them to snap.

At the very least, this will remain a divisive issue for them all through the primary season.

Lee Ward:

Paul is right, and the sycophant whiners on the right will continue to whine long after they lose this battle -- and it is already lost imho. It appears now to merely be an exercise in giving the opposition the chance to debate and posture in front of their constituencies. This looks to me to be a done deal.


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