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Bush and Maliki: BFF

MSNBC story:

Their bond has a lot to do with fate, says Maliki: "Destiny wanted to bring together two people who strongly stick to their principles." But the two men are also linked by their precarious political positions. The U.S. military has acknowledged that its surge in forces is not likely to bring stability to Baghdad by the end of summer. Elsewhere in the region, the Hamas takeover of Gaza and the latest assassination of an anti-Syria legislator in Lebanon suggest the impotence of American policy. So pressure is rising for some sort of political breakthrough in Iraq. In recent weeks a parade of American legislators, generals and diplomats have tramped through Baghdad to push Maliki for quicker progress on a range of stalled measures, from a new oil law to reconciling with former Baathists. Bush's unflagging support runs the risk of undercutting that message.

It's a wonderful thing to be loyal to your friends through thick and thin, but the duties of a public servant require different priorities. Bush seems to have surrounded himself with people of very questionable talent that he simply will not get rid of such as Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Maliki and even Dick Cheney. And the damage they've done to him has been immeasurable. To me, it's just one more example of how Bush's inflexibility and his with-me-or-against-me worldview has led to his downfall.

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Lee Ward:

Bush' willingness to stand by his failing pals (Rumsfeld, Gonzales, and Maliki) despite the price our country pays for his loyalty, is a strong indication of where Bush's own loyalties lie, and it isn't to the American people, the Constitution, or the men and women in the armed services.


Bush stands by his friends whome he sees as doing the thing they see as being right even if it ends in something other than perfect. He does this to a fault at times. It was time for Rummy to go before he did. Gonzales did his job, the hopla about that is mostly made up by the people mad about being fired and the Dems wanting someything else to stick in Bush's eye. What hi did was completely legal.

Maliki on the other hand was elected by the Iraqi people. Bush should not( even though he can) get rid of him. He was elected and he should therefore only be gotten rid of by the Iraqi people. He is in a hard position. Although I agree he hasnt been doing a great job, no one over there is giving him much help with it in the political system. You want to point fingers, I'd point them toward Al Sadr for trying to get more power, Iran for training Shia to kill coalition forces and civilians alike. I'd even point toward other Arab countries for not doing more for their own kind in race, religion and tribe.

But Bush along with the military should continue to push Maliki to work harder at reforming the govt and getting rid of those that arent with him.


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