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Bush Plans Flood of Vetoes

Real Clear Politics commentary:

Addressing a Republican fund-raising dinner at the Washington Convention Center last Wednesday night, President Bush declared: "If the Democrats want to test us, that's why they give the president the veto. I'm looking forward to vetoing excessive spending, and I'm looking forward to having the United States Congress support my veto."

That was more than blather for a political pep rally. Bush plans to veto the Homeland Security appropriations bill nearing final passage, followed by vetoes of eight more money bills sent him by the Democratic-controlled Congress.

That constitutes a veto onslaught of historic proportions from a president who did not reject a single bill during his first term. Of the 12 appropriations bills for fiscal year 2008, only three will be signed by the president in the form shaped by the House.

Pretty bold move from a president with poll numbers in the low-30s. But after reading a lot of stuff on the right wing sites today that the meme among Pubs is that the only reason they lost in '06 was because they hadn't been conservative enough, it makes sense. And everything is upside down in BushWorld...

But I really wonder how long that coalition of 147 house Pubs will hold together when it becomes clear that Bush is cutting off programs with overwhelming public support while continuing to just throw over $100 billion annunally into a war that almost nobody likes. This seems like a confrontation that the Pubs are doomed to lose, either sooner or in the elections of '08.

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Comments (13)


a couple of points, paul. while bush may be in the mid 30's, congress is in the mid to low 20's. that says something right there.

a lot of people on the right are unhappy with bush for 2 reasons 1)the current incarnation of immigration reform and 2) they don't feel he has done a good enough job in settling iraq or communicating the issues surrounding it.

do not equate a mid 30's approval rating with thinking that 60-some-odd percent of the population think that the democrats are better, would do better, or have better ideas.

judging by the last several confrontations between the presidency and congress in regards to budget battles, the presidency wins regardless of the party affiliations of either.

Lee Ward:

"a couple of points, paul. while bush may be in the mid 30's, congress is in the mid to low 20's. that says something right there."

it says that Democratically-controlled Congress is making hard decision that are pissing off both Republicans and Democrats, such as providing the President with the "clean bill" Iraq funding request he asked for, and over which the netroots group went ballistic as a result.

You have a problem with that, ke_future?

"do not equate a mid 30's approval rating with thinking that 60-some-odd percent of the population think that the democrats are better, would do better, or have better ideas."

No. Instead rely on the polls which show that Americans prefer to have a Democratic President over a Republican President in the 2008 election by a 52 to 31 percent margin.

Paul Hamilton:

KE, the big problem for Bush is that he is vetoing the budget for a number of popular program while doing absolutely nothing to control the obscene costs for his very unpopular war. That will come across, once again, like he's flipping off the American people and doing what he damned well pleases in spite of overwhelming disapproval from the folks who are supposed to be his boss. I really suspect that if he follows through on this -- and that's by no means certain since this speech was given to a very partisan audience and I've heard no grandstanding in public yet -- that he will be met with a tsunami of anger from the American people. And that will be followed immediately by a tsunami of anger from Republican congresscritters who need to get themselves re-elected next year and don't like having the president, who is a member of their party, chopping their political legs off at the knees.


so you're saying it's better to do what's right than what is popular? sounds like we should throw out the polls then. =) tho who's to say what is right and what is not?

could you provide me with a link to the poll that says that people prefer democrats to republics by that margin? also a link to the questions and methodology. not that i don't trust you, i just don't trust polls. what's the old saying? there's lies, damn lies, and statistics?

oh, and you provide an example of one of those cases where the executive branch beat the legislative on a budget/funding issue. i'm not saying that it's right, just that recent history shows this to be the trend.

i honestly thinking that you are over estimating how much people agree with the leftist agenda of the democratic party as a whole. people might agree in regards to what the issues are, such as health care, energy independence, national security. but i don't get the feeling they buy into the solutions the democrats are offering. when they are actually offering solutions and not just attacks on bush and the repulbicans.

this site is a perfect example. how many posts this week are about how bad the republicans are, and how many are touting democratic solutions to problems?

Paul Hamilton:

Well, regarding the three issue you raised...

Healthcare: Federalize it. When the people starting getting cash in their paycheck for what it cost their employers to pay for their insurance, they'll see what a good idea this is.

Energy indpendence: All for it. To quote Bush, we need a Manhattan Project for renewable energy. The difference is that I mean it and he just said it to deflect criticism for being a stooge of the oil companies.

National security: Also all for it. So stop stirring the pot with senseless invasions which tie up our forces, decimate our equipment and empty our treasury. Do the things which work to stop real threats. Keep working with other countries to root out terrorism within their borders. Keep interdicting their funding. Get serious about inspecting containers that come into this country. Get serious about controlling our own borders.

Does that answer your questions? If you have any other issues you'd like me to address, just ask... :)

Lee Ward:

The poll I cited is the most recent NBC/WSJ poll. Google it.


and if poeple don't are unhappy with republicans in congress yet don't agree with your solutions, paul? that is the point i'm trying to make. sure, people may be unhappy with bush, or the republicans, or the democrats in congress. but that doesn't mean they will agree with you.

i, for one, am not real happy with either party in congress at the moment. and i don't agree with most of your political solutions. and i'm damn sure that i won't be voting for any of the democrats on the ballot either based on what i've read of their positions.

so, how many people like me are out there?


so i found the latest poll published on the msnbc site, lee. dated 4/25/07. it shows:49%-31% on the preference.

when it asks party id: 42%D, 33%R, 25%I. However, the 'independents' are planning to vote in the demo primary over the republican primary 18-8% with 68% saying they won't vote in the primaries.

the question remains how will these people feel in a year when more is known about all of the candidates and their positions. something to keep in mind is that these same polls show:

liberal/somewhat liberal: 25
moderate: 30
conservative/somewhat conservative: 38

how will those 30% who consider themselves moderate break as we get closer to next year's election.

there's still a long way to go.

Lee Ward:

That was April, here's where we are in June. The Democratic lead is widening.

6/8-11/07 - "Putting aside for a moment the question of who each party's nominee might be, what is your preference for the outcome of the 2008 presidential election -- that a Democrat be elected president or that a Republican be elected president?"

Democrat - 52%
Republican - 31%
Other - 5%
Unsure - 12%

I agree that the middle is key - it always is - and now that Bloomberg is entering the race it'll take some rethinking to make the next call.


i really don't think that bloomberg has much of a chance at anything to be honest. what are his values, his agenda, his proposals?

here's a guy who was a democrat until it was convienient for him to be a republican.

he may get some media attention, but unless he offers anything more substansive than he has already done, he's DOA.

in my opinion


so i looked at the polling. interesting results when you start looking at actual match ups. things tighten up a lot more. (i'm disappointed that they didn't put the methodology and breakdowns in the summary)

but, yes, there is no denying that the republicans have a burden if they want to compete.

Paul Hamilton:

I'll tell you what *I* think he brings -- competence. This has been an administration marked by miscalculations, mis-steps and missed opportunities. Bloomberg has been a huge success at everything he's ever done, and if he can come up with some solid plans for what he'd do to address the nation's needs, I think you'd be shocked how many people would support him.


Let me get this straight. .you think that those Earmarks, which Democrats RAN on removing and bringing sunlight to, and then proceeded to try to expand and hide from sight, are a GOOD thing for them?


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