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Fred the Not-So-Conservative

MSNBC commentary:

Intimate correspondence like this usually doesn't see light until long after a politician is dead and gone, or at least done with politics for good. Thompson apparently believed he had forever traded Washington for Hollywood when he agreed to put his eight years of Senate records, including personal correspondence, in a public archive at the University of Tennessee. The papers, which have gone largely unnoticed, offer an unusual glimpse at his life as a Washington fixture, and clues about how he might lead as a president--hints that might not please conservative voters who are intrigued by him but who know little about him.

The ability of right wingers to believe that actors are really the roles they play is remarkable. Right up to the moment he went on his drunken rage, some on the right though that Mel Gibson would be a PERFECT candidate because he was both "Braveheart" and "The Patriot."

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