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Is Romney a Christian?

Yahoo News story:

An aide to GOP presidential candidate Sam Brownback has been reprimanded for sending e-mail to Iowa Republican leaders in an apparent attempt to draw unfavorable scrutiny to rival Mitt Romney's Mormonism.

Emma Nemecek, the southeastern Iowa field director for Brownback's presidential campaign and a former state representative candidate, violated campaign policy when she forwarded the June 6 e-mail from an interest group raising the questions, the Brownback campaign said Sunday.

The e-mail requested help in fact-checking a series of statements about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Among the statements: "Theologically, the only thing Christianity and the LDS church has in common is the name of Jesus Christ, and the LDS Jesus is not the same Jesus of the Christian faith" and "The LDS church has never been accepted by the Christian Council of Churches."

The first attack of many, no doubt. And also, no doubt, most will come in the form of "oops, that wasn't supposed to be released." As a former Evangelical, I can tell you that there is a great deal of doubt about the LDS church in the fundamentalist community. If you think JFK got a lot of grief about his Catholicism back in 1960, a Romney candidacy would be a true firestorm. And Romney would be in a no-win situation. If he defends his beliefs, he alienates the mainstream, and if he denies the tenets of his Mormon faith, he gets called a hypocrite.

And as a disclaimer, I know several LDS folks. They were the ones who stepped up and sponsored the Boy Scout troop that my older son was in and they were fine people and made no attempt to proselytize anybody. And I wish every Christian was as serious about evangelization as they are.

But I just don't think America is ready to become the New Utah...

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The problem is that the Mormon folks have a habit of not being real clear about their beliefs. I don't know of any Evangelical or Buddist or Muslim or Catholic or Jew that won't clearly define what they believe. If I thought I had a shot at becoming a god, I'd use that as a major selling point. What a deal! In some of the posts I've read, it seems the Mormons are now in the we will become "like God" not become another god mode. But that's not what they teach. Mormons need to do a point by point side-by-side comparison with Biblical Christianity and show the difference. Why not? After all we're all wrong in their eyes anyway. Demonstrate how.

Lee Ward:

How does the Mormon church feel about Romney as President -- anyone know?

The history of partisan cheerleading Republicanism suggests that the Mormons will support Romney simply because he's wearing their team jersey, even if in private they hold their noses at the thought of him in the White House.

Do we know what Mormons really think one way or the other? I sure read a lot of anti-Romney stuff in the Salt Lake City Tribune.


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