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"Why Do Gays Hate Religious Freedom?"

Town Hall commentary:

The Senate refers to S-1105 as the Matthew Shepard Law. Matthew Shepard was a gay student who was tragically murdered in Wyoming nearly a decade ago. This legislative moniker identifies the bill as being pro-gay vs. pro-everyone's civil rights. Fortunately for Matthew Shepard's family, justice was served in that case. The murderers were found promptly and dealt with swiftly.

In contrast, the families of many blacks murdered in the civil rights movement era are still waiting for justice. Last Friday, the following words appeared in the USA Today along with the article on hate crimes: "Justice for two black teens came 43 years late Thursday when a jury convicted reputed Klansman James Ford Seale for taking part in their abductions and killings."

Both gays and blacks should get justice in America, but we cannot allow either group to receive special privileges at the expense of another group of Americans. If the loopholes in this legislation are not closed, Christians and Bible-teaching churches could become victims of a strange brand of reverse discrimination. These actions are tantamount to the gay community saying, "Freedom for me, but bondage for you." This attitude is just not consistent with America's ideals.

As I said in a commentary on here last week, the nation is moving forward on removing the relgiously-bigoted denial of human rights for gays and lesbians. It's not surprising that such social change upsets those who are quite comfortable with their prejudices.

And it's telling that their tactics are getting more and more desperate. Sadly, it's a political fact that blacks are not as tolerant of homosexuals as other groups, so here we have a black columnist directly targeting the black community to defeat this legislation. But it's hypocritical that he uses the argument that blacks have not gotten enough recompense from earlier hate crime legislation as an excuse to deny similar bills which would extend recognition to those who are targeted for their orientation.

Earlier, I've heard arguments that it's somehow insulting to those who fought and died during the civil rights struggle to offer similar recognition to those who now work for civil rights for gays and lesbians. This is an appeal to base bigotry, and those saying such things should be ashamed.

The truth is that gays do NOT hate religious freedom. But your freedom of religion ends with yourself. And just because the state doesn't perfectly mirror fundamentalist beliefs does not mean that anybody "hates" them. Just that the law recognizes that human beings have rights. And that when evil people use violence against others, that is a crime against all of society.

And the biggest argument in this story is a false one. There is nothing in this bill that would have any effect at all on churches, unless of course a "church" is nothing more than a cover for violence, like the Ayrian Nations. But I guess when you run out of rational arguments against the recognition of gay relationships, you have to resort to lies and slander. You have some arguing that an adult, consentual gay marriage will somehow open the door to child abuse or people marrying a goat or something. Or you have people completely turning the argument on it's head, as in this case.

If you and your church don't believe in gay marriage, that's fine, don't have one. But stop acting like your beliefs are the only ones which are allowed. And stop acting like every time someone opposes you, that means they want to shut you down. It's really sad that Christianity in this country has become synonymous with resistance to human rights.

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Comments (5)

U.P. Man:

If what you say is true, and that gays and lesbians just want to be like everybody else and those that don't believe like them is okay, why is eHarmony being sued?

Paul Hamilton:

Sounds like the professionally-offended to me... The way I see it, if eHarmony wants to lose potentially millions of customers, that's their problem. Somebody could set up a matchmaker service either exclusively for gays and lesbians or at least one that didn't forbid them and get all that money.

Discrimination is economically stupid.

U.p. Man:

"But your freedom of religion ends with yourself. "
Then why is eHarmony, whose founder is practicing religious freedom being sued?

Why are Christian groups on college campuses be threatened with the loss of their student status if they don't allow homosexuals to be in leadership positions?

Why are gays trying to be Boyscout leaders? Would it be okay to have a straight male be a Girl Scout leader? If not why not?

Paul Hamilton:

>>Then why is eHarmony, whose founder is practicing religious freedom being sued?

Supposedly because he is failing to provide equal access, as required by the law. However, as I said before, my own view is that if he wants to lose all that business, fine with me -- just makes a great opportunity for somebody else.

>>threatened with the loss of their student status

Could you give me a link, please.

>>Why are gays trying to be Boyscout leaders? Would it be okay to have a straight male be a Girl Scout leader? If not why not?

LOL! You sound very much like a hardcore feminist -- you know, the idea that all men are rapists. A person's sexuality, one way or the other, doesn't make that person good or evil. There were evil priests who abused altar boys in what was supposed to be a very controlled environment. So having a faithful woman running the program would have been better in those cases, wouldn't it? And you're also falling victim to the oft-repeated lie that homosexuality is a synonym for pedophilia. By that reasoning any male heterosexual is a terrible threat to any young girl -- do you believe that's the case?

It's very telling that the people who don't like human rights for gays and lesbians are reduced to stuff like this which makes no sense.


I have said it before, and I'll say it again...when common sense arguments fail, resort to relgion.



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