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Oh You Mitt!

The Romney campaign is attempting to paint The Flipper as a really down-home, folksy, wicked-smaht(sic), wicked-funny guy. Ack!


flipper&ann.jpgGood Humor or Good Sport? Hmmm... How about lying, flippin' two-bit phony presidential wanna-be chameleon, who will say anything, do anything, and be anyone you want him to be to win a vote!

Ignoring the staged moment in the video where Mitt's wife, Ann, kids the Flipper about his "not always funny" jokes, a remark that takes Mitt by surprise (yeah, right, as if they didn't rehearse THAT line 10 times before rolling the cameras) yuk, yuk, yuk -- did you happen to notice the shot of Flipper-Guy at the ball park in a Red Sox jacket?mittredsox.jpg

Sure, Flippy is a regular Joe just like you and me, and it should come as no surprise that he's a big fan of the Beantown Bosox -- why look... there he is, right there at the ballpark!

Bovine Poop.

Watch this 19 second unrehearsed, unstaged moment of pure Flippertude, as Mitt wonders out loud about the name of the song being played in the background as he signs autographs.

Somebody didn't get the memo. Mitt Romney is supposed to be running AWAY from Massachusetts (with a record like his, you would too). So DNC Sox fans were confused when the beloved Fenway anthem "Love That Dirty Water" came blasting out of the speakers after a Romney event in Iowa. And to top it off, he barely recognized the song! The recognizable tune, "Dirty Water" by the Standells, has blasted at Fenway Park in Boston after nearly every Red Sox home game win for years and it features the line, "And I love that dirty water, oh, Boston you're my home." Romney was recorded on CSPAN as saying, "Oh that's that song, Gosh, I was wondering what that song was." -- Mike Gehrke, Democrats.org

Oh Mitt! You're such a joke!

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Comments (5)

How about lying, flippin' two-bit phony presidential wanna-be chameleon, who will say anything, do anything, and be anyone you want him to be to win a vote!

But you love him deep down, don't you Lee.

On sort of a side note, you may (or may not)notice my posting slowing down alot and dropping off entirely for random intervals.

I'm tired.

There's so little actual substance in the mud that's being slung from both sides, the utter partisanship, the deliberate lies.

I'll probably spend more time doing other things for a while.


...solo trumpet diapering a plaintive french horn, the Announcer Guy on basso ritornello...

*...I'm sorry...choking up...*

Lee Ward:

There's a lot at stake, Heralder. I wouldn't expect the zone to get any less muddy until the day after the election.

Paul Hamilton:

Heralder, Mitt is the Republican Hillary, saying whatever the polls tell him to say. That's why as the governor of Massachusetts, he was a totally different political animal than he is today, trying to win over a much more religious and conservative national Republican base.

How can you possibly trust him to mean ANYTHING that he says any more than I'd trust Hillary to have a prinicipled stand in the face of negative poll numbers...


The elusive bryanD. Sort of dropped off the radar there. Then I suppose it could be argued that you never were on the radar, in so many ways.

Lee: Yeah, happens every election, and every election I peel off for a bit. I get overloaded.

Paul: I might have missed where I posted that I trust him on anything...or that he's a candidate I support.


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