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Why Hillary is a Communist

World Net Daily commentary:

Most people don't make a habit of visiting the website of the Communist Party USA. But if you do, in the upper corner you'll see the familiar hammer and sickle that symbolizes the union of the industrial workers and peasantry following the Russian Revolution of 1918.

But take a second look, because the traditional communist logo has been revamped. It now sports a gear, and the elements have been arranged in the shape of - no doubt about it! - the feminist looking-glass symbol. Is it possible that gender liberation ideology is rooted the manifestos of Karl Marx and tactics of Vladimir Lenin?

Keep looking, and you'll see the platform of U.S. Communist Party proclaims, "Among the forms of oppression women experience are attacks on their reproductive rights; lack of quality, affordable day care; inequality in child rearing and household work; sexual harassment on the job; and domestic and sexual violence."

Now let's pay a visit to the website of the National Organization for Women and compare agendas:

Reproductive rights? Yep.

Day care and child-rearing? Check.

Sexual harassment? Yes, of course.

Domestic violence? You bet!

Do you detect a scintilla of difference between the positions advocated by the U.S. Communist Party and the NOW? Neither do I.

So Hillary is a communist because she supports reproductive rights and child care and because she opposes sexual harassment and domestic violence. Wow, I must be a communist, too! Seriously, this is the kind of thing that our side needs to publicize. When the average voter sees how far off the deep end the radical right has gone, it makes us look really good.

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Comments (14)


You guys should just turn in your moniker of "blue." You are falling into the trap of defining progressive/Democratic politics in terms of nitpicking Republicans.

How about a few posts analyzes what the major Democratic candidates are proposing instead of nitpicking Republicans such as Senator Obama's proposal to leave advisors, logistics personnel, and a large embassay staff in Baghdad after the U.S. pulls out.

How about comparing their educationa proposals and seeing if any of the Democratic candidates ever take a position not support by the teacher's unions.

What about the candidates positions on racial quotas, set asides, and reparations?

My guess is that you want to avoid discussing any of the state and documented positions of the Democratic positions because most of them are ill-conceived, unworkable, and have not been war-gamed.

Lee Ward:

My guess is that what we're doing (and many others are doing) is working... and Americans are continuing to wake up to the fact that we cannot and must not allow the Republicans to hold onto the White House in 08.

We are doing all we can to expose the hypocrisy and dishonesty of the right, and will continue to do so right up until election day.

Always nice to have a conservative tell us what to post on our liberal blog. however....



But are the Democrats making the same mistake that the Republicans make a decade ago. It is easy to be a bomb thrower and a nitpicker. It is hard to make rational policy proposals ans explain why they would be made. Just look at the immigration debate where the proponents of unlimited immigration and open borders cannot rationally discuss the issue but resort to bomb throwing to support a policy decision.

I personally believe that it harder for the Democrats to make policy proposals due to the influence of the trial lawyers. If one of the major components of the Democratic Party makes its living second guessing and nitpicking, it makes it hard for the rest of the Democratic Party to make policy proposals.

Lee Ward:

We don't make policy here, SD -- We report on the news of the day and just happen to love to expose the seamy ugliness that permeates the right.

The DNC website will give you lots of information on the party platform, and the the individual Democratic candidates and their foibles are reported on extensively at our sister site Wizbang!


so you are saying that the job of the left side of the web is to lob bombs at the right.

I guess that makes it more understandable when the left wants to ignore the lack of leadership and the hypocrasy of the left. Since it does not have to do with bomb throwing, it is unimportant.

Lee Ward:

"so you are saying that the job of the left side of the web is to lob bombs at the right."

I'm saying we don't have job descriptions, SD - and therefore your attempts to create one for us is pretty childish.

Nice of you to stop by and try to create an agenda for us to follow -- that tells me we are right over the target, and scoring direct hits.

U.P. Man:


You try to crate the agenda on Wizbangblog all the time? Are you a hypocrite ?
I agree with superdestroyer, why don't you tell us what you and the Democratic leadership stand for...we know what you and they stand against.( Anything Republican/Conservative/President Bush)

Lee Ward:

"You try to crate the agenda on Wizbangblog all the time?"

And for some odd reason Lorie, Jay, DJ, Paul and Kim ignore those efforts...

Imagine that.



So I guess that when the Democrats win in 2008, you will be putting away the bombs and getting out the buckets to carry the water of a government that is totally controlled by the Democrats.

I guess you should start working on 100 ways to excuse the Democrats because the Republicans are being obstructionist or that maybe that the Congressional Black Caucus is not really as racist as they usually sound or that the middle class are really racist because they actually care about their children.

Lee Ward:

When the Democrats win 2008 I may take a break from blogging. If I don't I will probably continue blogging on the same topics I do now. Obviously I enjoy this, why would I change?

Paul Hamilton:

SD, I'm not being a bomb thrower because I directly quote a preposterous piece from the right. I don't particularly like Hillary, but when I read something like this, it really makes me wonder how the RWers would run against her if she gets the nomination. If they are reduced to condemning her using stuff like this column, you guys will get laughed right out of office.

As for the stuff you mentioned, I don't like quotas (because they're discrimination in themselves) and reparations are stupid because there's not a living person in this country who was a slave owner. There's no legal precedent for a "sins of the fathers" idea like this.

Regarding education, the first thing to do is get rid of "No Child Left Behind." We'll worry about the following step after we take the first. And since that would be a huge step toward removing fed control over schools, I hope you'll go along with that idea as well.

Paul Hamilton:

Lee, **if** the Dems win in '08, I'll be working harder than ever to make sure they really do start tearing down the corrupt mess that Bush has put in place.

Back in '92, I was very excited that Clinton won and was really looking forward to a truly liberal era in American politics. What we got, instead, with his very first act, was "don't ask, don't tell" which had to be the most spineless political CRAP I'd ever seen, and that turned out to be a foreshadowing of Clinton's whole time in office. He had the supoort of the people but after he completely botched the healthcare idea (too much, too soon), he simply quit trying and just drifted through his time in office trying to be as inoffensive as possible.

That gave him great poll numbers but it did not make him a great president. I want a federal leadership in all branches of government who will work to make this a fair and democratic (That's with a small "D") society rather than the plutocratic theocracy we have now.

It will be very hard work and will cause a lot of controversy. We will need every liberal pushing hard the whole time, so none of us can take any time off at all.


Paul, thank you for the answer. However, I would believe that left side of the web really cared if they paid more attention to the Democratic Primary than the Republican Primary. It seems like all of the Democrats want to be like Gray Davis and try to win an election by hand picking your Republican opponent.

I keep wondering how you expect the U.S. to be fair and democratic when one party (The Democrats are going to totally dominate politics after 2008). The Republican party is fated to become irrelevent. I wonder how politics can be democratic when we will be living in a one party system. Do you consider the District of Columbia or the City of Chicago are being very fair and democratic?

Paul Hamilton:

SD, in my perfect world, the political parties would actually stand for something. And there would be more than two of them. I'd like to see a liberal party and a conservative party, where those two terms have their original meanings. There could also be parties for those who believe government should be the enforcer for religion, the US should be more militarist, perhaps an environmentalist party, even a gay and lesbian party.

And no single party would be a majority so that politicians would have to actually work with each other to get anything accomplished.

Yeah, yeah, I know that the two party system has been practically welded to the constitution and that the one thing the Dems and Pubs agree on is that neither wants anybody else in the show. But this is why the founders didn't mention political parties...

Regarding the two cities you mentioned, DC is a cluster-you-know-what and is a perfect example of what happens when one party has total control of everything. Chicago is also a one-party system, but Daley Jr learned one thing from his dad -- you've got to do the little things to keep your power. So the trash gets picked up and the streets get plowed in the winter. I suppose that's pretty faint praise, but for sure there is a lot more warmth about the city from the residents of Chicago than those in DC.


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