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Last Photographs of an Embedded Surge Photojournalist

I have just read this dramatic first hand account of the progress of the surge in Iraq, by an embedded news photojournalist. The photographs are excellent. And, it is a very sobering account of the occupation and how difficult a situation, (impossible would be the better word) the American troops find themselves, in this demi-monde of the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites.


Specialist Loren Brinson, 21, of the HHC 1-5, First Cavalry Division, sits guard at a small JSS setup in a Sunni district in western Baghdad. The dummy (left), once used to draw sniper fire, was discarded after insurgents realized the ruse.

The one question that begs to be answered. Are we just making the situation worse? Because the troops and the leadership especially are not exactly blessed with the wisdom of Solomon. You decide if American raw troops are the last people in the world who should be policing this country? Read Last Photographs

Suaada's story contained a simple truth about Iraq today: the Americans, regardless of how hard they try, are powerless in combating sectarian violence. And the soldiers know it. Throughout my entire rotation I'd hear a variation of the same bleak outlook from officers, noncoms, and enlisted men. With few exceptions, American soldiers I came across felt their mission to quell the ethnic cleansing of Baghdad was pointless. "What can you do about it? It's their problem.... This is their country, and they need to work it out among themselves. There's nothing we can do about it."

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Comments (2)

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Lee Ward:

I've noticed mullah cimoc's comments at our sister site Wizbang!, and when he showed up here (above) I googled mullah cimoc and found this:

Asshat of the Day: Mullah Comic, errrr, Mullah Cimoc

June 11th, 2007 at 12:46 am by Mark Steel

I got this comment, and thought, "Hey, why not make this asshat famous? He's almost as cool as Joseph Ferrante!"

mullah cimoc | [email protected] | IP:

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It shows mullah is just a troll all right, but note also that the IP address that mullah used above on June 11th -- -- traces back to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The IP address mullah used to comment here at Wizbang Blue traces back to Pittsburgh, PA. -- so he's a professional troll, folks.

Here's another blog outing mullah...

I picture a misdirected post-high-school punk with a skin condition who works at a video store and can't get girls to take him seriously.

Sadder still, it's pretty clear from his comments net-wide that Cimoc is trying desperately to be Borat. If there's one thing more pitiful than shooting low, it's failing to hit that big, easy target.

I've begun to think of commenters like Cimoc as belonging to a new breed of graffiti artist. Maybe some day I'll be commented by one with talent.

A google search shows mullah cimoc (comic spelled backwards) has over 32,000 hits.

He's on Wizbang! here and here.


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