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The Dumpling-crat Congress is a Bad Joke

Huffington Post commentary:

There were a couple of Disney comedies from the mid-Seventies -- The Apple Dumpling Gang and its largely uncalled for sequel The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again -- that starred Don Knotts and Tim Conway and elicited all the mediocre laughs you can imagine their pairing to entail. Basically the movies were about a couple of dim-witted bandits that had every one of their schemes blow up literally and figuratively in their faces.

Who's Don and who's Tim I leave to you, but under the "leadership" of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the Democrats are looking more and more like the Dumplings.

Five months into the Democratically-controlled Congress, and all I'm seeing is some bad slapstick. The ultimate moment hee-larity -- and lets hope it's ultimate rather than penultimate -- would be the Gonzales no-confidence vote. A useless dollop of turgid showmanship that in the end the Dems couldn't even get to the floor for a vote.

I agree. The voters elected a Democratic majority for a CHANGE. What we've delivered is a lot of whining and posturing -- just like Don Knotts -- but there are no bullets in the proverbial gun. That's why congressional approval is even lower than Bush's.

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