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Bubba's Back, Tin-Foil Sales Rise Accordingly

After reading this story you may want to invest in aluminum stocks, as this will undoubtedly get the right wing nutters all a-flutter.

Bill Clinton used to be a stealth presence in his wife's presidential campaign, raising money and schmoozing supporters largely out of the public eye.

This week, the former president stepped into the spotlight, from his humorous turn in a new Web video to the announcement that he will join Hillary Rodham Clinton on high-profile campaign visits to Iowa and New Hampshire.[...]

"The president's plan all along was to gradually escalate his involvement, so you'll be seeing him more and more," said campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson. "We think he is a huge asset and we're excited to have him."

Recently, Bill Clinton has cut back on his paid speeches and completed the manuscript for a book on citizen activism that will be published later this year. Aides say he'll continue to be very active with the charitable foundation that bears his name, and he plans a weeklong trip to Africa next month on the foundation's behalf. On Thursday, he announced a new $100 million anti-poverty initiative in Latin America.[...]

He also narrated a five-minute biographical Web video and used his acting skills in a witty send-up of the final scene of "The Sopranos" [link to Wizbang Blue's post on this]. The spoof won raves and has already been viewed at least 500,000 times on the campaign's Web site, with more hits elsewhere on the Internet.

The same day the video was released conservative blogger Ann Althouse donned her tin-foil bonnet and postulated that Hillary's reference to onion rings in the video had hidden Democratic satanical messages specific sexual connotations. The "onion rings"? -- a reference to a woman's vagina, of course.

Bill says "No onion rings?" and Hillary responds "I'm looking out for ya." Now, the script says onion rings, because that's what the Sopranos were eating in that final scene, but I doubt if any blogger will disagree with my assertion that, coming from Bill Clinton, the "O" of an onion ring is a vagina symbol."

Which in turn -- no surprise here -- brought out a chorus of bloggers calling her crazy. Althouse responded that she pushed this meme intentionally in order to stir controversy, then proceeded to contradict that statement by stripping naked and wrapping herself in tin-foil saying the "O" is indeed an obvious reference to a woman's vagina.

Here the context was Bill Clinton and the wife he has notoriously cheated on for years. He's saying he wants onion rings, and she's imposing carrots on him. That cries out for psycho-sexual interpretation. It's not the intent of the film's auteur -- unless he's a traitor to Clinton -- but it's imagery that they should have noticed as they were writing the script. TRex seems to want to let them off the hook by acting like associating Bill Clinton with sex is a weird little problem of mine. I don't think so!

Thats a lot of tin-foil! I hope she recycles...

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Paul Hamilton:

That's not tin foil, that's fruitcake.


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