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How the Pentagon Spends Your Money

We already know the war in Iraq is a waste of lives and money, but then there's stuff like this...

ABC News story:

Just this month, the government confirmed that an Ohio Air Force laboratory had asked for $7.5 million to build a nonlethal "gay bomb," a weapon that would encourage enemies to make love, not war. The weapon would use strong aphrodisiacs to make enemy troops so sexually attracted to each other that they'd lose interest in fighting.

Last year, scientists at Boston University developed brain implants that could steer sharklike dog fish with a phantom odor.

Just three years ago, the military funded a specious study of psychic teleportation, according to the Federation of American Scientists. An 88-page report prepared by the Air Force Research Lab contended that moving through mind powers is "quite real and can be controlled."

This is what happens when you simply turn the military loose and give them an unlimited budget. Can you even imagine the howling from the Right Wing Noise Machine if this had happened under the previous administration?

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Comments (5)


Ummm, you might want to look up the date for when they were going to make the "gay bomb".

I'll give you some help, the Pentagon "confirmed" it last week, the date when they were looking into it is 1994.

But hey, when did the facts stop a nice, progressive rant?

The Pentagon told CBS 5 that the proposal was made by the Air Force in 1994.

Paul Hamilton:

Yeah, and?

It was stupid then and it's stupid today. And what I said about just giving the Pentagon all the money they want, often in a "black" budget with no oversight whatsoever, isn't strictly a Republican thing.

But this teleportation debacle DID occur under Bush, so I presume you'll defend that, right?


You do realize that in 1994 they were cutting back? Peace Dividend and all that? And you also realize that they didn't fund it? Sure, people can ask for money, but if they didn't get it, how is it wasteful?

So in other words, you might have realized that it was a bad example and have said, "Yeah, that example was no good." but no, by all means, never, ever, ever, ever admit that you might have been wrong.


Am I under the wrong impression to think all sorts of weird ideas have been dreamt up throughout the last hundred years to be used as weaponry?

The gay bomb. I find that so funny for some reaon.

"Is that a grenade in your pocket Abdul, or are you just happy to see me?"

One thing that doesn't seem to be covered in the proposal for the gay bomb is whatever unlucky force gets stuck with cleanup.


One of the positives though, is rebuilding would be so much prettier after a gay bomb. Think of the fierce design choices, the fabulous colors!


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