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Clinton's Sopranos Homage Gets Rudy's Nod

hill2.jpgRudy Giuliani has given Hillary her props as a result of the huge success of the Soprano's takeoff her campaign produced and released earlier this week.

Even Clinton detractor Giuliani gave the Dem her due. He joked, "Think she's trying to get the Mafia vote? I think most of them have lost the right to vote. I hope.

"I still prefer my 'Godfather' imitation, but you know, I have a lot more practice at it," he said. Giuliani said he only saw an excerpt of the video but, "If it's an attempt to reach people with humor, I think that's great."

How big is Hillary's success with this video?

How big is 500,000 hits? "It was definitely a massive spike," said Clinton Web head Peter Daou. It beat the day of the campaign's launch, he said.

"It's a ton," said Andrew Rasiej, a co-founder of Techpresident.com, which monitors such things.

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Comments (2)

U.P. Man:

But it was so contrived.....so set to make her look caring and loving.

It was almost as if she was acting.....

(Lee the above is sarcasm as you complain that Fred Thompson is acting)

By the way, would you like to see a President that thinks of herself/himself as a MOB boss ?

I see it now....
Secretary of Defense "President H. Clinton did you hear what happened to the Leader of the Klingon Council ? He got whacked......"

President H. Clinton "Yeah, kinda worked out nice, didn't it?"

Lee Ward:

Hey, not a problem -- come by anytime, Kevin. Hang out here and we'll have you voting "blue" in the next election, and you'll thank us for it.

We don't do a lot of posts about monkey scrotums, we leave those to the classy, crack citizen journalists at Wizbang! so you may be a little disappointed -- but we'll try to keep you amused.


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