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More Republicans Join Revolt Against Bush Over Iraq


First, John Warner:

"I hail what he did," said Sen. John W. Warner, R-Va., former chairman of the Armed Services Committee. "It shows the strength that each of us individually must bring to this debate."

Then, George Vionovich:

Ohio Sen. George Voinovich sent a letter to the president today, stressing the need for a "comprehensive plan for our country's gradual military disengagement from Iraq."

And Jeff Sessions:

There is a growing feeling among senators that the U.S. presence in Iraq needs review, [Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)] said, adding that he agrees that troops levels should be reduced "as soon as it is realistic to do it."

Finally, the Republican ladies from Maine were wavering before Lugar led the charge on the revolt.

Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe is pushing legislation calling for a withdrawal plan if the Iraqi government fails to make progress on a series of benchmarks for reconciling the country's rival sectarian communities.

And in a recent interview with The Times, Maine's other Republican senator, Susan Collins, said she believed "every option has to be on the table, including a significant but gradual withdrawal of our forces.

The dam has broken, the wall is crumbling and we are on the cusp of a major course change in Iraq. And still, the story doesn't even warrant a mention on Wizbang Classic.

Now that's classic!

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Comments (3)

Paul Hamilton:

As I said, when Lugar spoke publicly, it gave political cover for many others to do the same. This was the lead story on the NBC News tonight and David Gergen predicted that after this speech, there's no more waiting until September.

It's all ov-ah!

And not only is there no thread about this on Wiz Classic, there's a thread reminding us that the war was right all along. I just don't see how anybody can still believe that.

Lee Ward:

They don't 'believe it' --- they just keep on holding out hope that it isn't true -- so they wrap themselves in a warm cocoon of self-deluding bullshit (aka Wizbangblog.com), then foster an environment of trolls who will pat them on the back without even understanding what they've written or bothering to click one or two links to fact-check their lies.

but that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Paul Hamilton:

>>they wrap themselves in a warm cocoon of self-deluding bullshit

That's why I don't like political echo chambers whether it's Free Republic or Democratic Underground. If you spend too much time in places like that, you lose touch with reality. The DUers believed with all their hearts that Kerry was going to just run away with the election in '04. I was just as amazed by that warped thinking as I am with anything on the RW sites.


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